When we pray we are praying to our own true self. But this is a self that is beyond the perspective that must pray. What we pray to is the truth of us that exists beyond the limitations of what we perceive to be ‘me’. We cannot be ‘stuck’. All our prayers are already answered. When we believe something the belief becomes a perceptual editor through which we can only perceive what conforms to our belief’s definition. The editor is not only prejudiced but also blind to what exists beyond any of our belief’s preferred version of reality. Did microscopic life exist before we believed it existed?

The microscope allows the eyes to see what we could only believe existed before we saw it. Once we define what we can see we replace our seen reality with our definition of ‘it’. ‘It’ is what it is regardless of any definition that we give it. The ‘beliefs’ of our mind are the perceivers that create our seen reality. What sees what we see is not us but who we believe we are. Our definition of our self is a testament to the power of our imagination. We exist but we are not who we believe we are. As a new born child we existed for a time before we believed we knew who we were.

In truth we can never truly know what we are. Our given name created a perspective that enabled us to exist in what we now perceive to be ‘reality’. We were born into a world that is created, sustained and controlled by the beliefs that are worshipped by the majority. We could not have the adventure we are now experiencing if we did not play the part that we were given. If we didn’t fully embrace the part given to us by the other players in the dream we may have been perceived to be physically ill, disabled or mentally ill. In truth it is never ‘us’ that is ‘unhappy’ or ‘stuck’.

What is stuck is the perspective that represents each one of us in the experience. When we believe we are our name that identity has replaced us. From this moment it is that representative that chooses which beliefs to worship and uses these to perceive and respond to what is represented by each one of those beliefs. To ensure there is a uniformed response to perceived reality each child is educated to believe that certain ‘universal beliefs’ must be worshipped as truth. If we play along we will be accepted and become integrated into the society into which we are born.

To do this we must become our given identity. The identity is a limited expression of us. Our perspective does not know it interprets what it perceives according to the dictionary’s definition. So when we are in a situation that our beliefs have defined to be unacceptable our feelings respond to that judgement. Many who cannot find peace eventually pray. The religious books were written so that we might realise. What we are praying to is the truth of each one of us. We created prayer so that we could remind our self and remember that we are only dreaming so that we could wake up.

If we did not share the experience from the limited perspective we could not coexist equally. We had to define our experiences in order to generically perceive them in reality. If we did not judge ‘what is’ we could not have evolved ‘what is’ with what we define to be technology. We are not limited. We are the creators of our experiences. If we do not ‘feel’ happy we will eventually question why we are not happy. This may lead us to the questions that can set us free. The questions we have about our life eventually bring us to the question ‘who’ is ‘unhappy’?

If we ‘feel’ unhappy then we may say that it is me who is unhappy. That ‘me’ is not us it is just who we think we are. We come into this body and accept the limitation of the given identity so that we can have the experience we call life from a fixed perspective. The limitation we each accept is our given identity. We live our life from the perspective of an identity that many never question. The perspective experiences many perceived trials and difficulties which enrich the experience of the perspective. One day someone we loved changes and what we perceived to be love dies.

One day we may experience what our words define to be a spiritual experience. In this momentary experience what we feel can be so overwhelming that we may never be the same again. In this experience, whilst we may or may not know how, we will know that we have experienced something that is greater than us. In life there are moments when we feel and experience something so great that it is beyond anything that we have ever felt before. At some point everybody realises that there is a God. We come into existence to have this experience of communion with what is defined as God.

God is not judgement and cannot see or experience anything that we ‘believe’ we are ‘experiencing’. Our feelings are the truth but the cause of those feelings is never what we believe or define to be the cause. Many pray to God asking for money believing wealth will solve all of their problems. Many pray to a perceived God asking the creator of what ‘we’ define to be a tree to convert it into paper that has been dyed to portray numbers giving the tree a new and false identity. Like an innocent child we have projected qualities in order to create and define what we perceive as reality.

The tree and the earth from which it sprang were changed into notes and coins which became known as money. This is not alchemy this is deception and delusion. It is because we believe that God has also replaced truth with our beliefs that we ask God to help us transcend the limitations of our own belief systems. God cannot release us from a prison that does not exist. It was our mind that created beliefs that gave money magical qualities and then became entranced by our own ‘curse’. Money can only be worth more than what it can buy whilst ‘money’ is worshipped as the God of man.

When we pray for ‘love’ we are asking God to send someone ‘special’ to ‘worship’ us. When we look to find someone ‘special’ we are looking for someone who accepts us and does not challenge our intolerant judgemental perception of reality. Many look for love in another because they feel ‘unhappy’, ‘alone’ and have ‘unfulfilled desires’. If I am unhappy when I meet someone I cannot realise happiness unless I change my self-perception. Most of us are paradoxically praying to find someone who will accept the self that we will not. Self-acceptance creates what is defined as ‘happiness’.

When we pray for ‘things’ we are insanely asking God to believe what we believe. To ask God to change our reality in order for it to conform to the limitations of what we believe is to believe that our perception of reality is truth. We are praying to God asking God to change ‘what is’ into ‘what it is not’. It is insane to get on your bended knees to beg God. Many do not pray for guidance but ask God to make ‘this’ into ‘that’. We are insane because this and that are ‘one’ divided by perception. Perception is not vision. Perception is the projection of judgement.

Perception defines ‘this’ to be this and ‘that’ to be that. When this is defined as ‘good’ and that is defined as ‘bad’ our body chemically responds to that judgement. Our body’s chemistry is what we define to be feelings. Our feelings respond like a puppet to what is perceived to be ‘good’ and ‘bad’. What many have not realised is that our feelings are responding to our judgement and not to what we judge. So when our judgement makes us feel ‘unhappy’ we pray to God for a miracle that will change the ‘bad’ into ‘good’. All our prayers are already answered before we pray.

So, when we pray, we must pray that we may realise the miracle. We are the miracle! We are asleep ‘entranced’ by our own beliefs. We are invited to awaken to truth. What we must pray to is ‘us’. Our mind can only be incarcerated by our beliefs for as long as we continue to put our faith in them. Pray to God but realise that we are the God that we pray to. We were replaced with the mind of an identity when we were born so we must be ‘born again’ and return. The second coming of Christ refers to each one of us. We are our own saviour. What we pray to is the truth of ‘us’.

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