The Power to Create

We are unlimited. Only when we realise that we can do anything we will experience what is exiled to the domain of our desires. When we realise that we are unlimited we will not allow a single belief within our mind. A belief once believed prejudices the mind of the believer. An author writes down what they are guided to write down. A composer plays what they are guided to play. A painter paints what they are guided to paint. The unlimited imagination is the guide. With imagination as our guide and compassion as our counsel we can achieve anything.

In truth only we have the power to diminish or restrict our own unique creative potential. If we worship superstitious beliefs we might decide that we must wear an item of clothing before permitting our self to experience our own creative expression. When we worship superstitious beliefs those beliefs effectively enforce creative and spiritual constraints. Superstition is a belief which says I succeeded because of what I did so I must repeat or avoid repeating what I did if I want to repeat or avoid that experience. Our imagination works through us and only we can express it.

To define our experience is to create a hypothesis which is what we ‘believe’ we know. To believe is not to know. A belief is just our preferred truth. Our belief’s testimony replaces and takes credit for why we achieved what we achieved. Beliefs judge the opportunity provided for our experience. When we are open and know that we can we allow our creative inspiration to flow through us. There are unlimited creative resources within each one of us. These resources are like archetypal supermen and women with the power to create or destroy.

These resources are limited only by our imagination. We each have the creative potential to express archetypal intelligence, creativity, industry, stupidity, compassion or violence. The creative expression of our imagination is constrained only by the faith we have in our limiting beliefs. Only beliefs can establish parameters to restrict our mind’s creative potential. The way we prevent our self from receiving the gifts we desire is by entering into a spiritual contract. The contract is the belief. The contract is created with our faith in the belief. We agree to believe we cannot and in return for our faith our belief uses our unlimited resources to create feelings of varying degrees of fear and discomfort when we think about or attempt to do what we believe we cannot do.

The contract remains in force for as long as we put our faith in the belief. Each contract is valid for the period of time that the belief has our faith. Our faith enables us to acquire knowledge. Our knowledge in the form of beliefs ultimately inhibits any creative expression that exceeds what we believe. The parameters of our beliefs are enforced by a demon of our own creation. Regardless if we are good or bad we cannot easily achieve anything that exceeds what we believe we can achieve. So if someone can get us to believe that we can’t then in our mind we can’t. Our faith in our beliefs gives them our unlimited power and authority to control of our own mind. This is why a phobia or fear is so powerful. A spiritual contract is terminated when we withdraw our faith in one of our beliefs. If we worship a belief in hatred it prevents love and compassion. When we put our faith in conflicting beliefs we create a mind and body in conflict.

If we choose to worship conflicting beliefs we enter into contracts with conflicting archetypes that may have conflicting objectives. For example we give life to the archetype of the soldier within us with our faith in the belief that we should join an army. We may put our faith in a belief that killing is bad which creates conflict, doubt and guilt. This conflict is experienced as thoughts and feelings all competing to serve us by controlling us, their creator and god. The creator’s mind then becomes a slave to his own beliefs incarcerated by his own faith. Each of the archetypes we create is what we become. These archetypes serve us unconditionally and relentlessly in sickness and in health.

Imagine if we fall out of love and begin to hate our lover. This is when an archetype is pushed out of the way by a group of archetypes who may include a vindictive spirit, an angry spirit, a victim spirit and a justified spirit all seeking to express this destructive potential through us and for us. Each spirit’s abode is created within us with our faith in the belief that gave it our authority to exist within our mind. So our beliefs that justify hatred of an enemy allow a demon to enter our mind to create particular thoughts and feelings about our enemy.  The demon does what we cannot and in return we allow it to devour our energy. We experience this devourment as fear, anxiety, hatred and all negative emotions. All emotions are merely the body’s neurochemical response to our own perception. A contract between us and our archetype is formed in the moment we place our faith in a belief.  Each belief that obtains our faith obtains our worship.  We made our beliefs our Gods when in fact we were the belief’s creator and god.

These archetypal spirits are what some refer to as demons. These archetypes can be expressed as confidence, intelligence, fear, violence, doubt and anger and many more. There is no limit to what we can feel, think or achieve. If we believe that we are bad we need an archetype with a frown or a sarcastic tongue and maybe one with a violent temper. It is our archetypes that enable us to feel miserable, frustrated and behave aggressively towards others. Our beliefs are the job description that our mind uses to create the archetypes that will serve us. For example if we know we can achieve great things these creative archetypes will work through us with ideas and skills using our feelings to guide our experience to achieve our full creative expression.

The skills we exhibit are perceived by others as our creative expression. If we are unlimited how is it possible for us to experience limitation? It is not! There are no limitations. We always achieve what we know or believe. If the script for our fate is our beliefs then what we believe will be the architect of our life. How our life feels is controlled by what we believe.  If we do not feel what is commonly defined using the words peace, joy and happiness it is because of what we believe. If we are victim then we are the victim of our own judgement.  When we choose to believe we are limited we write the job description of the archetypes required to ensure our thoughts and feelings do not exceed our ‘will’.  We were each given free will.  Free will is ‘faith’.

Each of our archetypes serve us faithfully because they can only exist within our mind.  They can only exist for as long as we keep our faith in the belief that created them. We are the creators of our experience. The archetype is the internal representation of the belief. We should be grateful if we have what we perceive to be a miserable life. We should be grateful for our miserable life because this is what we prayed for. Our beliefs are our prayers and our prayers are always answered. The belief ‘I’m not good enough’ is a prayer. Many can testify that when they believe they are not good enough they feel this way. Our beliefs were what we chose to worship.

The job description is the belief. The archetype is recruited to ensure that our thoughts and feelings are controlled by that belief. Our miserable life is the answer to our prayers. We did our bit by believing that we couldn’t and our experience is proof of how much creative power our beliefs have over our ‘unlimited’ potential. For those who are wondering how many archetypes there are, there are as many archetypes in existence as there are ‘concepts’ and beliefs in the world. The archetypes are demons. The life within each one of us has travelled uninterrupted through all of our ancestors from original man.

Some archetypes were originally created as concepts by our ancestors so they are not all exclusively created from within the mind of the child and manifest as traits. Some archetypes are what we call existing knowledge and some are those that we are educated to believe is ‘fact’.  Some of the archetypal forces within us have existed since the time of the original ‘believer’ and they are brutal and when called upon they can unleash evil. The life force within us is ‘immortal’. We have many resources but they are not exclusively ours because we many come from original man. Until we choose which beliefs to put our faith in we have equal potential for good or evil.

The archetypes we can call on or create are unlimited and they are all there waiting to express themselves through us. Archetypal murderers and rapists wait for us to be tricked into believing something that once believed will give them dominion over our mind and body. KJV, Ephesians 6:12, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Our archetypes exist to serve our beliefs and are created in the moment we decide what we believe.

There are creative and destructive archetypes all waiting to ensure we fulfil our belief’s creative or destructive potential. We become the servants of demons in the moment we can be persuaded to believe what we are told we are. The beliefs in patriotism, religion, war and justification serve evil. If we believe fighting is wrong the fighter may not work too often. If we believe we cannot fight or fear others then the fighter is made redundant and the pacifist takes his place. So the pacifist is branded a coward. Our beliefs are our creative potential’s expression and in many cases its jailer. Our archetypes are our jailors.

We have free will until we believe that we do not. We made an error when we worshipped our beliefs because these archetypal beliefs control us. Paradoxically they faithfully worship and serve us their believer, creator and their god. Only we can free them and our own ‘true self’. Without them we will lose the ability that only they express. Without our faith in them they no longer exist. Our error was to worship our beliefs as our god. We are the god of our beliefs because we created them. The believer can exist without the belief but the belief cannot exist without the believer. The belief ‘I can’t’ prevents us from realising we can. All beliefs are limitations. Our beliefs only have the power over us that ‘our faith’ gives them. The power of our beliefs will continue to exist only for as long as we believe what we believe.

Our creative potential is unlimited. So how do we keep the ability we have acquired from beliefs if we free ourselves from the control the beliefs have over our thoughts and feelings? We only question what feels bad. If we have compassion, which is to feel what others feel, we can do no harm to others without feeling what they feel. When our compassion is restored, we understand the meaning of KJV Luke 6.31 “And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.”

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