Greed, selfishness and guilt are the behavioural expression of demons disguised as concepts. It is these demons which are the cause of our anger, violence, addiction, selfishness and rage. They exist in all or none. When the demons controlling us were about to be discovered they created concepts to project the cause of their control over us to be those concepts. Those who are controlled by demons project the source of their uncompassionate urges in order to avoid detection. This is done in order that we only see what is defined by phenomenon or concepts.

This is the trickery of a false mind that controls the whole mind. Each innocent child is educated to believe in a conceptual reality. By defining qualities conceptually we hold the ‘defined’ behaviour to be its own cause. When in denial we look for behaviour in others in order that we can fool ourselves that ‘extreme’ examples of these qualities do not exist within us. We cast the first stone of accusation by implying that we are not ‘guilty’ of the sin we see in others. The demons are the concepts that contextualise and legitimise violence, greed, cruelty and genocide.

By using concepts to justify our actions we avoided being found guilty of ‘greed’ and ‘selfishness’ not realising that we were controlled by it. We denied our demons by choosing to see them as concepts. We condemned and carpet bombed whole cities. We condemned the brutality of an army that committed atrocities upon civilians before dropping an atomic bomb that killed indiscriminately. We classified civilians to be innocent which implied soldiers were not. Take away the uniform and what is a soldier? Satan exists and he exists within all or none.

Satan is the ego whose demons control what we all think and feel. Whatever controls what we think and feel is controlling us. Our demons exist as our beliefs. When we admit and acknowledge that we are all guilty of greed or selfishness we see this as regrettable behavioural. Greed and selfishness are the effect of idolatry of conceptual demons that are more valued than love. When we felt guilt we created concepts to justify our behaviour. We live in denial in order to project some qualities to exist only in others. We try to relieve our guilt through wars that blame others.

We invested in nuclear weapons and sustained poverty justified by the concepts of security and economics. Economics is a demon that justifies selfishness and greed. So whilst killing by shooting, bombing, unmanned drones, lethal injection, burning and stoning is considered acceptable in some contexts it is not acceptable in others. What can justify killing? There can be no peace whilst man has a single belief within his mind. This is because beliefs are demons which are trespassers within the mind. Our faith in beliefs gives those trespassers absolute control over our mind.

A phobia demonstrates that when a belief is believed to be truth that freedom of thought and feelings are removed. We are one. All God’s children were created equal. It is therefore not possible for something to be in one which does not have the same potential in all. So the psychopath, the rapist, the paedophile, the cannibal and serial killer exists in all. The only way we can become these things is to acquire and worship the conceptual beliefs which deny our compassion. So, if beliefs are demons, a believer’s mind is possessed by those demons and must do their bidding.

How we behave and what we create represents the demons we have chosen or have been programmed to worship. This demonic realm is what is sometimes referred to as the ‘belief system’. It is because we have different beliefs that we point to others to blame them for what we feel based upon our belief’s definition of their behaviour. We deny our sins by projecting these qualities to define others. Our minds are possessed by what the holy books referred to as Satan. This perspective was given life when the offspring of the original believer believed they were who they were told they were.

Quantum entanglement is a concept that shows why we continue to be possessed by the sins of the father whose sons have carried this unholy intruder through the blood of all the descendants of original man since the original sin. Satan was created in the mind of the first innocent child who believed they were ‘the noise’ used to define their identity. This was the creation of an identity that was represented by a noise. The children of Adam were domesticated by a noise before they could realise that their given ‘name’ was not what they were. We ‘believe’ the name is our identity.

In truth what we came to call God was our true whole consciousness. The noise was the name of a demon that occupies and controls the minds of all maternal parents. The passing of the name is the sins of the father visited upon their sons. We should not name and define our children to be what we conceptually define them to be. The naming of the child replaces the child with an identity so that it will know its place. The possession of the child’s mind does not take place until the innocent child, like a domesticated dog, answers to the ‘given name’ and no other.

It was once said that the son shall not suffer for the iniquity of the father nor the father suffer for the iniquity of the son. The righteousness of the righteous shall be upon himself and the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon himself. Our mothers, like all mothers before them, were possessed and controlled by what they believed they were. This is what is meant by the term ‘a wolf in sheep’s clothing’. The sheep is the mother of the ‘Lamb of God’. What our mother and her mother before her did not realise was that it was only her faith in the belief which gave it any power over her.

When a belief has power over us it controls us. These demons require our faith in order to exist within our mind. Without our faith it is powerless over our mind. This is why we must turn and become like little children. When we believed we were the noise which was the name we lost awareness of our divinity, compassion and wisdom. We lost it because we exiled it. We chose to worship beliefs. So without this innate wisdom the child believed it must conform to the ego world’s expectations. When some realised God they created religious beliefs to help us realise.

Religious beliefs were used to constrain the demon within by creating religious doctrine to fight the demons. This was to fight fire with fire. This created a battle within which eventually destroys the body with disease and age resulting in mortal death. Demonic beliefs have infiltrated the religions of the world. Religion was intended to awaken the divine child. The ego, realising that it would no longer exist if the child realised, then claimed to represent God to become the object of worship. Those demons then infiltrated religious beliefs to control the religions of the world.

This was to replace truth with dogma. The belief in the name is a demon that was once referred to as Satan or the Devil. This Devil uses our will to create demons to serve an insane and extremely limited perspective. Those demons are what we identify as our own beliefs. In what is defined to be history we ‘believed’ in a God which was a personal replacement. To worship our beliefs was to reject God by creating him in the ego’s ‘image’. If we believe in God we have rejected God in order to worship the belief which misrepresents and replaces God by defining God.

This is a sacred paradox which is preventing the immediate realisation of ‘heaven on earth’. We are God’s perspective on our experience which makes us a part of the mind of God. If we believe we are not of God then we are not of God as long as we believe this. Only a God has the power to create what cannot be created. Paradoxically we are also a misrepresentation of the innocent child we created and in whose mind we now exist. Paradoxically we are the demon that was granted admission into the child’s mind and we are also the innocent child that granted it.

The demon was granted admission in the moment the divine child believed that the name was the whole of ‘what’ the child was. This led to the child believing that the concept that is the ‘identity’ was the child. So the child’s identity believed ‘I can’t’ unless I believe I can. We became the creator and master of all the beliefs which control our children from within their own mind. Beliefs exile the truth of us from the conscious realm. So when mankind believed they should go to war they went to war. When mankind believed they should burn they burnt.

When mankind believed they should make human sacrifices they made human sacrifices. When mankind believed they should not kill they did not kill. When mankind believed slavery was wrong mankind abolished it. When the white man believed that the black man was inferior the black man was treated as such. When the leaders of man realised that they could not have peace whilst they tortured, burned and caused suffering they created a belief in equality and human rights. The Devil is the ego mind which creates ‘all’ of the beliefs.

We are possessed by this insane representative who we each believe is ‘me’. It is not me. This is why we are forgiven because the truth of each of us has never committed a single sin in our entire life. To imprison the murderer, rapist, cannibal or paedophile for their acts against the children of God is to cut a blade of grass from an eternal meadow. It’s the soil which is the cause not the forbidden fruits of its harvest. The soil is the ego mind and its harvest is the beliefs. This harvest is poisoning the mind of the child. There has been much suffering at the hands of men justified by concepts.

But man is innocent and this is why he is forgiven. He is innocent because he does not know the truth. The beliefs are the software and whilst the original programmer is no longer with us in form he lives on as our beliefs. These beliefs are like bacteria and have evolved over the entire period of our perceived history commencing with Adam. The term Adam represents the first of us to have evolved a mind that could create and retain memory of what was observed. This was the creation of a mortal observer who became a false witness to God’s perspective on his experience.

Until this moment God only knew how the experience felt because in truth there are no concepts only feelings. Before man could define what was and what was not they felt ‘good’ or ‘bad’. When we conceptually defined what we experienced to be morally ‘good’ or ‘bad’ our good or bad feeling responded to this judgement. To identify what is seen by the mind we required a belief to define what was seen. Without a definition we cannot trigger specific emotional response in response to qualifying stimulus. When our beliefs are fixed our emotional responses are fixed.

Perception replaces vision to ensure that our judgement of what is observed replaces what exists with what our concepts define it to be. Perception is fixed with a belief which said this was this and therefore not that. This and that are one divided by perception. So God waited for us to realise the error of our ways in order that we would surrender and let our feelings be our counsel. God is our feelings. God is the feeling that does not respond to our judgment but responds to the experience. The truth of experience is how the experience feels when we have not a single belief to judge or define it.

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