The Conscious and the Unconscious

The division of our awareness within the mind will continue until the partition between the whole mind and the perspective of the identity is removed. In truth our mind is not separated. If we allowed historical beliefs to have dominion over our ‘whole mind’ our mind could not have evolved beyond the earliest beliefs. If historical records contain any accuracy then it is clear that our beliefs were once extremely limited, cruel and violent. Contemporary life provides examples of the cruelty that can still be generated by worshipping certain beliefs.

There is only ‘one consciousness’. That consciousness is the life that is expressed in each individual. In a time when our understanding was less than what it is now our mind defined what we call the self. This belief trapped us within a limited perspective. Mankind has been trapped within the perspective of an identity for thousands of years. Once we believe we are what we are told we are our whole mind serves that perspective. The identity is just a belief. Our consciousness became trapped in this paradigm of limitation in the moment we believed we were limited.

Like a puppy when an infant child’s mind is conditioned to respond to their given name it can be trained. Once we believe we are what we are told we are that identity takes our place. Words enable each child to generically and exclusively perceive what their ‘language’ defines to be reality. The part of the mind in which the perspective of the identity exists is known as the conscious mind. This mind is the ego mind. The ego mind is the mind of the identity that is ‘enchanted’ by its own beliefs.

The story of Narcissus is a metaphor for how the whole mind falls into the domain of the projection that is the false identity or trespasser. The part of the mind that contains beliefs must be exiled to a part of our mind that cannot contaminate our divinity. Consciousness is not limited by the beliefs of man’s ego mind. What we believe we are exists as a belief within the part of the mind once referred to as Jericho. Our faith is incarcerated by our beliefs. God is what exists beyond the constraints and limitations of all the beliefs that define what is real and what is possible.

Real and possible were created to give birth to all the antonyms created to strengthen the chains that incarcerate our creative minds. The concept of possible refers not to what is possible but what is believed to be possible. For God all things are possible. The possible that exists in contrast to its antonym is therefore a myth. There is always a greater truth that exists beyond the limits of the concept of ‘possible’. If all the beliefs of man were turned into spears and shot up the limit of their truth, they would hit a ceiling. That ceiling is what is possible for those beliefs.

No belief can transcend what is believed to be possible. This is trickery created to incarcerate our minds. Truth is not what we believe. Truth exists beyond what we define to be reality. God is beyond possible. Beliefs are like arrows that allow us to transcend what we know. Our potential can therefore only be limited by our beliefs. Every idea comes from beyond the limitations of our beliefs. When the new behaviour that results from idea is observed the observer will use words to define what they observe.

Words are beliefs. The testimony of the observer must be believed if others are to acquire the understanding necessary to achieve what is explained. The observer’s belief or hypothesis is plagiarising the source of his ideas. An observation written down is perception. All knowledge that is acquired from reading is a belief. When we believe what is written to be true this is not what we know it is what we believe. Knowledge and knowing are not the same. In order to ensure that the beliefs that prejudice our perception do not contaminate the whole mind ‘we’ divided our whole mind.

The split is between the mind of the identity and the whole mind in which the ‘belief’ that is in the identity is located. The mind of the identity sustains the hallucination. The hallucination is what we call reality. This conscious mind is created by partitioning the whole mind. The conscious mind is installed originally by using a sound. That sound is our given name. The ego mind’s software is its beliefs. The beliefs collectively work as an operating system. The mind is programmed through education to use words that create and define a reality that does not exist outside of our mind.

Words are used to programme the minds of the whole of mankind to hallucinate a generically perceived reality. Alphabetic letters are a code that the conscious mind uses to form words that distort vision. Those words replace vision with perception. Perception fools the whole mind by editing and replacing what the eyes see with what is perceived to exist. When educated the child’s mind can only perceive what their vocabulary permits. Words have created an encyclopaedic reference within the mind to project what is perceived to be reality.

Our externally perceived reality is a reflection of an internal reality sustained by beliefs. The whole mind is now controlled by the conscious mind. The conscious mind is programmed by authority. This is done by installing a language that ensures the mind can only perceive what their programming permits. It is the unlimited and uncontaminated part of the whole mind that assures us of our salvation. In history authority would perform a frontal lobotomy or electric shock treatment for what was termed ‘psychosis’ if one of their hostages began to wake up.

Psychosis is a generic term used in psychiatry to describe a patient who is diagnosed to have experienced a ‘loss of contact with reality’. Reality is what is perceived by the dictionary words that define it. That reality can only be sustained in the mind for the duration of the reign of the official beliefs that define it. Those words are beliefs that sustain a ‘code’ that is embedded within the words. This code defines and sustains what our mind generically perceives to be reality. Language is a wolf in sheep’s clothing starting with the letter A and ending with the letter Z.

KJV, Revelation 1.8, “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.” Until our mind transcends language our consciousness remains incarcerated within that domain. Salvation refers to saving this false and limited perspective from itself. Atonement refers to reconciliation, communion and forgiveness. Each word is a sin. Each sin is the belief. To undo the sin we must stop worshipping our beliefs as truth. To transcend the boundaries of our beliefs we must question them.

The whole of mankind is trapped within a belief system. If we each question what feels bad it will reveal a belief. If we say we can’t then we have a belief that we can’t. If we try to do something and feel anxiety or fear it may be expressed or accompanied by the words ‘I can’t’. The narrative that accompanies our fear reveals the beliefs that control the bodily chemistry that we describe as our ‘feelings’. The duality referred to in many religious and spiritual texts was necessary to protect the whole mind from the prison that is the parameters of the domain of our beliefs.

We have created many wonderful technologies with ideas. New technologies come from beyond the constraints of the existing beliefs that prevailed on the date our conditioned mind realised the idea. Our beliefs have educated many but they have also harmed many. We have created much conflict and caused much suffering. It is time to stop pretending we don’t know what is going on and face the truth so that we can all wake up. We can only believe what we do not know! If we know and do wrong our whole mind will not be able to accept this part of our self.

So we must remain a victim of chemical attacks sustained by whatever our perception defines to be ‘fearful’, ‘anxious’, ‘unacceptable’, ‘difficult’, etc. We are the saviour that is denying our own salvation. The truth will set us free because we know that if we are not our identity then what it believes is not our truth. It’s time to give back the reigns to the son of God. We fear the wrath of our victim which is the innocent child. So we stay in our false perspective fearing that we will perish if the truth replaces the reality we collectively sustain with generic perception.

We only believe what we do not know. This means that we are forgiven for what we did that we believed was righteous. KJV, Luke 23:34 “Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.” Why was knowing so important? If we know wrong and freely do wrong we are guilty. If we believe then we cannot know. We can only believe what we do not know because when we know we have no need of beliefs because we know. We either know or we don’t. The conscious mind is the ego mind.

The ego mind is the mind of the identity which was placed there by others to trespass within and claim ownership of our whole mind. What is unconscious is our ‘whole mind’. When we surrender to our whole mind we become what religious books refer to as ‘holy’. Religion claims ownership and dominion over our minds in the name of God. This is done to control us by controlling our minds. Our minds are controlled by programming our mind with beliefs that control our body’s chemistry which is what we feel. Our minds are now controlled by what we believe.

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