Once upon a time a single mortal perspective witnessed another mortal do something it had never seen before. The eyes of the body of the witness saw another body achieve something that surpassed the direct experience of the witness. In this moment was born the belief in one perspective that I am not that. This observation gave birth to what is now termed ‘me’. God gave man instincts and sensory perception to create feelings. The feelings were the architect God used to evolve the body. One day one of the separate perspectives became ‘conscious’ of its own existence.

One realised that if it did specific things it created specific feelings. That awareness alone was powerful. We realised we could create those feelings simply by thinking about specific things. One day a perspective decided that one specific thing was good because it felt what was termed ‘good’. Good was ‘unconsciously’ used to define other experiences by comparisons with the feelings created. So we associated feelings with foods, activities and people. Long before language our mind had a criterion that was determined by our feelings. The feelings were the truth of our experience.

As we developed language we began to make noises to accompany our activities and feelings. When these noises were copied they evolved into words that communicated when we felt good or bad. We began to apply our words to various situations and soon our children began to copy us. At one point, one of us decided they would like to recreate an experience and said the word for that experience to the others in his group. The sound of the word alone was enough to trigger the same feelings as if they were engaged in the experience even though they were not.

This is possible because of the unconscious association the mind has with activities that are synonymous with specific words and noises. The noise became the cause and the feelings became the effect. When we could manipulate the thoughts and feelings of others with words we thought we could fool God because God responded to feelings created by what we saw, heard, smelled, touched and tasted. If we said ‘this’ was bad and felt bad we alleged that what we judged was the cause of what we felt. When we had a word for bad we would feel bad in response to what our testimony judged to be bad.

When we consciously began to control our own feelings our judgement replaced the truth of the experience. Our feelings were God’s witness on earth. When we introduced judgement we became the ‘false witness’ and our feelings no longer responded to the truth of our experience but how we judged it. God evolved our minds and bodies using our feelings as his architect to divinely move us towards love and deliver us from evil. God delivered us from evil using our feelings as the guide. This was because we were each unique and our feelings would respond uniquely.

What is defined by the word evil took up residence within the mind of some who sought to exploit others. In an attempt to fool God the feelings of mankind were controlled by beliefs that judged particular experiences in a way that elicited an ‘emotional’ (feelings) response. The masters of all feelings became the ‘beliefs’. The original belief is the belief in the name. The belief in the name admitted Satan. The belief was a Devil that used fear to control the believer by bearing false witness to the believer’s experience by defining it with beliefs. Before judgement the feelings were the truth of the experience.

Religious beliefs sought to define the experience so that our ‘feelings’ would respond and be controlled by religion. God did not immediately realise that one of us had committed what is referred to as the ‘original sin’. God loves us unconditionally but we wanted to control our own evolution so we judged ‘what is’ to be less than what it should be and our feelings responded to our judgement. What was judged was the innocent child. Our feelings responded to our judgement each time we were exposed to what we judged. The child, being omnipotent, cannot worship a belief as truth because regardless of the concepts of ‘positive’ and ‘empowerment’ all beliefs are by their existence limitations.

In order to have an experience from the perspective of victim we required a belief that sustained those limitations. We did this in order that our body could experience the experiences defined by the delusions we call beliefs. We come here for the experience. It is because we cannot worship limitation that we created a false self in our own image that could worship and respond to limitations. Those limitations exist in the form of beliefs. For many generations we were being born into slavery. In slavery each child grew to believe that they were the property of others.

We are the truth that the belief misrepresents. Without a believer a belief cannot exist but the believer can. In truth we are the feelings that respond to our experiences. Our beliefs ensure our feelings respond to what we ‘perceive’ in our experiences by ensuring our perception is sustained by those false witnesses (beliefs). Our testimony before God is not what we say but ‘what we feel’. So if we can control the feelings of mankind we can control the evolution of mankind. This is because God uses our feelings as the architect of our mind and body. God responds to the feelings created by our thoughts with ideas.

Our experiences are experienced through sensory perception. When our beliefs are our truth our thoughts and feelings no longer respond to experience but what we believe we are experiencing. The whole mind of God responds to our feelings with ‘ideas’ and instincts not realising they were ‘conditioned responses’ controlled by beliefs. Our feelings are now generated by what we believe about our experience. This is how we evolved the instincts that sustain what is termed the autonomic system. We’ve had many experiences from many contrasting perspectives. We’ve been mother, father, sister, brother, child, soldier, farmer, murderer, rapist, victim, good, bad, happy, sad, healthy, sick, rich and poor.

Any truth which is only true within the context within which it is true is not absolute truth. In order to create contextual truth we had to believe in it. Originally we lived off our natural instincts alone. Our unlimited perspective is sharing the experience of this collective mortal perspective. The unlimited perspective is not the bodily perspective it is the mind that created and sustains the body. With the power of God our mind indirectly created the body as an idea. The sensory perception of the body is the experience we call ‘life’. The quality of our life is how it feels.

Education uses data gathered through sensory perception to build on previous beliefs. Sensory perception enabled God to exchange ideas for our feelings, in order that the body could transcend experiences that felt ‘painful’ or ‘unpleasant’. So, as we felt the fear and pain of our predator’s jaws, the mind of God looked through our eyes and the eyes of our predator’s and felt what we all felt. God unlike our predator was compassionate to both. When God saw through the eyes of the predator and how it detected its prey, he also felt the painful last moments of the prey.

This is why some of the God creatures were given camouflage. The camouflage could not be seen by the predator. The creator can also see and feel what the predator that ended the life of the prey could see and feel not from the body’s eyes but from the body’s ‘minds-eye’. When the creator could see that the predator caught its prey because it could see it and smell it the species of the prey were evolved. If each species could evolve to survive without devouring each other it would ensure the survival of both. It is the creator not the species or a concept of automous evolution that enabled the species to evolve camouflage.

This is because in truth we are merely our creator’s perspective on our experience. The visual perception of the prey revealed the identity of the predator. The creator simultaneously experienced the sensory perception of the predator and its prey. The predator relied upon its vision to detect its prey. The origin of the body of man can be measured in time. This period of time started with the creation of the first body from which our ancestors were born. We are the life. We are not the body. The body is what we use to have the experience we call mortal life.

In truth we have no judgement or objection. Before moving into the separate perspective of a single body there are no contrasting experiences or feelings. Without a body there is no good or bad. We are the creative force that is the life that is in our body but we are not the body. If we are our body then we could not have existed before the year of the birth of our individual body. Our consciousness enters the body to have the mortal experience. The life within our body has travelled uninterrupted since the beginning of creation through each body of each of our ancestors and is immortal.

We are the life. We are not the body. We are the spirit not the flesh. It is within the educated mind of the body that our consciousness is now trapped. It is only trapped there whilst we believe we are what we are not. We are not our given identity. If we are our body then we only came into existence on the date of our body’s birth. This would also mean that we will die on the date that our body’s heart stops beating. This is not so!

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