About the Author

The articles published on this site were produced by one individual in the period following a spiritual experience. This was described as a direct experience with God.

After the experience a state of mind that conformed to the general dictionary definition of the word psychosis followed. The effect was to remove all ‘beliefs’ that sustained perception from the mind. Medical treatment was never sought. During this period of abnormality most of what is universally perceived to be ‘reality’ was unrecognisable.

The initial effect was to feel peace and acceptance for everything and everybody. All awareness of the labels, beliefs, concepts and definitions were removed from the author’s mind. When this occurs the mind’s relationship with generically perceived reality is transformed. If the experience is temporary it might be defined to be a ‘psychotic episode’. If the condition is not temporary then it may be defined as a spiritual awakening. A lack of understanding or recall of the universal concepts and definitions that define reality can lead to a ‘new’ understanding within the mind.

When the mind can no longer recognise what is generically perceived to be reality, the ‘cause’ and ‘effect’ relationship between the thoughts and feelings is undone. This led to the realisation that the generic concepts that define reality are not fact. As time passed the awareness of generically perceived reality returned to the author’s mind but no longer had the same control over thoughts or feelings. The articles reveal the observations of a mind that is not constrained by the limits of the universal concepts that ‘officially’ define reality. The articles are unorthodox and unusual.

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