Government and Education

We need one system if we are to avoid one individual mind causing problems for many. Any system if corrupted by just one individual is no longer fully functional. Systems stop working, when changes are made by individuals, whose subjective interpretation of the rules or workings of the system is corrupted for self-gain. When selfish objectives require the system to satisfy a personal criterion this new criterion corrupts, contaminates and dilutes the integrity of the system. A corrupted system then replaces and masquerades as the system but keeps the original name.

So whilst this might enable those who corrupt the system to benefit the system is compromised sometimes beyond recognition. Many corrupted systems were held guilty of crimes they did not commit. When this happens dissent, delay and inertia become prevalent within the system. Corruption turns an efficiently run system with reliable performance into a compromised system which is something completely different. This is to replace the dove with a cuckoo but to conceal the identity of the cuckoo by still calling it a ‘dove’.

Without integrity any system can become dysfunctional. A dysfunctional system results not from the system but from the dysfunction itself. There are hundreds of metaphorical cuckoos. Some examples are the Republican cuckoo, Islamic cuckoo, Christian cuckoo, Nationalist cuckoo, Democrat cuckoo, Labour cuckoo and Conservative cuckoo. The doves do the work and create the systems and the cuckoos legislate and corrupt those systems for self-gain. When the system is bled dry through corruption it is no longer perceived to be a viable or efficient system.

The selfish infiltrate systems and work to replace them with something that is better for ‘them’. The selfish exploit the systems of others because they lack the ability to create their own. Criticism implies knowledge but it cannot exist without a lack of creativity. Criticism requires criteria. The systems of politics, religion, economics and technology came from creative minds that sought to serve mankind. The selfish infiltrated the systems in order to corrupt and exploit them for selfish gain. When the selfish create problems within the system they become experts on the problem.

The selfish criticise the systems to encourage dissent. When we ‘believe’ in the problem we can be persuaded to follow those whose criticism implies they have a solution. The cuckoo is now masquerading as the dove of ‘democracy’. Politician’s solutions are generic and involve the redistribution of ‘money’. In truth they have nothing to offer of their own. The money used by cuckoos has never solved a problem but has created many. When the solutions did not work the selfish blamed the systems for the system corruption caused by their greed and selfishness.

It is ‘greed’ and ‘selfishness’ that is the cause of the breakdown of all systems and the cause of all wars. Whilst the selfish rule all systemic models will eventually be corrupted. This is the function of governments because without the power to corrupt they cannot corrupt. Communism, Socialism, Religion, Democracy and Medicine all work in theory. All of these systems worked before they were contaminated and corrupted by violence, greed and selfishness perpetrated by selfish individuals. Compliance ensures that all systems work as they were designed to work.

What is required for survival should not be bought and sold. Public servants should never be selfish individuals. Only doves are doves. Those who truly serve their communities are wonderful individuals whose unselfish acts enrich the lives of those they serve. Politicians do not serve individuals. Politicians claim to serve ideological concepts in the interest of the ‘public’. Political ideology is the justification for the acts of politicians that are held to be in the interest of the public. If our public servants live for free then their lives cannot be enhanced by money.

When there is no material gain for participating in an activity then what motivates those who engage in that activity will not be ‘material gain’. We are individuals and we each have individual likes and dislikes and therefore what is enjoyed by one may not be enjoyed by another. If education enabled each pupil to realise what they like and enjoy doing then like would attract like. If a child is guided by their curiosity, desire and enjoyment they will creatively express the innate intelligence which is unique to that child.

Education could facilitate more creative expression if it discovered what ‘we like’, what ‘interests us’ and what ‘we enjoy’. Competition and economics demonstrate that uniformed generic expression results from acquiring knowledge on fixed academic subjects. Whole industries are producing generic products that must compete on price or possess a competitive advantage if they are to succeed. We do not need to compete with each other when we each tap into our unique creative expression. Our unique creative expression being ‘unique’ has no competitor.

We are unique so only ‘our’ own true creative expression will be ‘unique’. True creative expression is not competitive. Education renders unique creative expression to be so rare that those who express it are defined to be ‘geniuses’. Unique ideas transcend the limits of the generic belief systems used by education to define reality. To discover what we love and to do it will bring more joy than merely learning skills to acquire money. Education prevents many from realising their unique creative expression. Governments corrupt their own systems to exploit those who rely upon those systems.

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