Our fear is not our fear. This is not a contradiction but reveals a mistake that exists within the minds of all those who fear. We can feel something so strong and unpleasant when we think about or are exposed to certain stimulus. These feelings are commonly defined as ‘fear’. We do not fear. What fears is a spiritual parasite that we individually create to live for us in a world that demands compliant participation in a systemic existence. We create a false self to project out to the world which will conform to the will, judgement and expectations of others.

This false self will normally conform to the identity of the family we are born into. This false self is created and sustained by who we believe we are. It is a parasite that not only lives for us but lives off the feelings we create. Those feelings are energetic. Feelings are therefore the manifestation of energy. The survival of any parasite requires energy. A spiritual parasite requires spiritual energy. Our faith and devotion to our identity is what provides an abode for the caricature that exists as an identity. We decide what we are and then assume this identity, playing that part absolutely.

We are like children who dress up as cowboys and indians. We pretend to be the caricature that is our identity according to our understanding of it. Our costumes are the religious, political and racial identities that we assume completely. We learn the language, prayers and all of the qualities that are inherent within all demographic paradigms. What we do not realise is that when we play this part completely we forget that we are the creators of the ‘creation’ that is our thinking mind. When we forgot that we were playing a part, we believed we were that part.

The ego mind is not who we are but who we believe we are. In order to make sure the child continued to believe it was what it was not, the trespasser which is the identity our faith creates, created an entire belief system. This belief system was a world of make believe that we now call reality. To sustain this perceived reality we had to give everything a name which would ensure nothing transcended the limitation of universal perception. Perception is not vision it is the projection of definitions seeking to define what is to be what it is defined to be. Fear serves the beliefs that are created to define the things we must avoid.

Our beliefs are created to ensure that we avoid what could usurp the power of our beliefs. This is essential if our beliefs are to continue have absolute control over our freedom of thought. Our beliefs control us by associating painful feelings with exposure to certain stimulus. We use a name to identify this energetic stimulus response which we call ‘fear’. So when we are exposed to anything that could undo the sovereignty and control our beliefs have over our experience we feel the feelings that are commonly defined as fear.

What we like is directly related to what we feel. When we like something it is because it does not challenge a belief. We will not feel fear when engaged in anything that does not challenge a belief that we need to continue to be who we think we are. What we dislike is anything that does not feel good. If we engage in anything that creates feelings of fear it is because we are engaging in an activity for which we have no beliefs or the beliefs we have do not support our voluntary participation. The beliefs are like software installed by us to sustain our false perspective.

We choose to dislike someone or something because of the feelings they cause us to feel. In truth what we feel has nothing to do with who we have chosen to dislike. Our judgement reveals the beliefs that are the criteria used for that judgement. All our thoughts reveal what we are individually worshipping. These thoughts create feelings defined as fear and anxiety to reinforce our dislike of certain experiences. These thoughts and feelings all serve a belief within our mind that we hold to be true. These beliefs create the food for the demons that exist within our mind as our own beliefs.

These demons live off our fear which is our reward to them for reminding us. If we have fear controlling our heart we are worshipping a demon that exists in the form of a belief. A belief is not true so it cannot exist outside of the mind of a ‘believer’. If the only paradigm in which a belief can exist is a mind, beliefs can only exist in our mind as long as we believe in them. In the moment we believe we give power over what we think and feel to our beliefs. If we attempt to escape the control of our beliefs they will exert their power over what we think and feel. This power is felt as ‘fear’.

Our faith in our beliefs gives them power over what we think, what we feel and how we behave. This is slavery of the mind and body without any requirement for whips and chains. What we feel is what the demons that are our beliefs need from us. Our beliefs feed off our fear. What each belief needs is our energy. So to obtain our energy the beliefs judge us and our experiences. What we have termed good and bad feelings are really the effects of ‘non-judgment’ and ‘judgement’. We are not judgement but we have created and acquired beliefs which are judgemental.

We know when we have been exposed to something that has been judged bad because we feel bad. All bad feelings are varying degrees of fear. What we fear is what was once described as evil. Evil is the effect of the beliefs we worship. Fear is as real as we are but it can only exist as long as we worship our judgmental beliefs as truth. We are the cause and our fear is the effect. All that is required to restore peace to the innocent mind of this innocent child in whose mind the beliefs now trespass is to stop worshipping beliefs. This is why we forgive those who trespass against us.

Without forgiveness they still exist. With forgiveness they are gone. We are not evil but if we feel bad, angry or judgemental then evil exists within us. It was a belief in evil that created it. Those who created evil denied their guilt by projecting it to define others. Our beliefs completely possess what we think and feel whenever we are exposed to anything we have formed a belief about. If we have no belief we will have no thought. Excluding accident or injury there are two sources for what we think and feel. Those sources are ideas or beliefs. Ideas come from our whole unlimited mind.

Thoughts are created by beliefs. Those beliefs can only exist within the mind of an identity. This is ‘who’ thinks. We are not who we believe we are. We are not our identity but if we believe we are then it is this perspective that has complete control over what we think and feel. So, if for example I believe I am my ‘given’ identity, I could be a Muslim, Christian, Jew, American, Republican or socialist. There are generic beliefs which are unique to each of these identities which will not exist in the others. In order to conform to the generic identity I must behave generically.

If I am perceived to be behaving in a way that does not conform to my identity I could be condemned. My behaviour may be condemned as a heretic, blasphemer or unpatriotic. What may be condemned in one existential paradigm may be acceptable in another. The behaviour is not what it is defined to be. The behaviour is always the effect of the beliefs or truth. Anything we believe is not ‘true’ because the existence of truth is not conditional upon our faith in it. Anything that requires our belief for its continued existence cannot exist without our faith in it.

Every single belief that has been created will eventually be replaced by the truth of experience. We are being incarcerated by the beliefs we worship. If we feel fear then we have created it. To feel fear is to worship our beliefs above all other things. Our beliefs are worshipped more than God because their control is absolute. Those who use fear to control us are evil. Those who can rule with fear are evil. Those who sustain nationalities, religions and division are evil. It is only by worshipping separated minds with separate identities that we can sustain division.

Thoughts can be evil. As long as we can be persuaded to believe we can be controlled by beliefs. The beliefs create our thoughts. We are the believers so we collectively gave our beliefs the power to control what we think and feel. Our original belief is our own creation, created without wisdom. We gave our creation free will. We are the believer who has been usurped by our own beliefs. We have not yet realised that to be freed from the effects of our beliefs we merely need to stop worshipping them. We are the omnipotent genie trapped in a bottle which is merely a belief.

The identity is what we are told. When we believed this we granted permission for a trespasser to exist within our mind. All other beliefs were created by the trespasser that we believe is ‘me’. This false perspective has not taken our power from us we just haven’t realised that without our faith in the belief it has no control. When we ‘realise’ we are not our identity we are born again and return to what we were before we believed. What we must realise is that the trespassers are the collective beliefs which exist as the mind of our identity. The good news is that we are not our identity.

The mind of the identity can only continue to control us as long as we ‘believe’ it is us. Santa Claus is an example of a belief that can control the thoughts and feelings of a believer but only for as long as the believer believes. When we stop believing in this frightened and limited self we can transcend the limitations of that perspective and peace will be restored to our minds. This is why we are asked to put our faith in God. We are so controlled by our trespassers that we can’t get ourselves out of the paradox that is the mind of the identity. What does not exist cannot be saved.

The ego can never be happy because happiness is a feeling that does not respond to stimulus. The beliefs can only control the feelings that respond to stimulus. These feelings are experienced as fear. So to get access to our feelings the perspective that is the ego mind needs to create as much drama as it can. We now exist vicariously through a trespasser who we believe is the whole of ‘who’ and ‘what’ we are. This trespasser is the mind of the ‘identity’ once called Satan or the Devil. The trespasser uses beliefs which were once called demons to ensure its prisoner cannot escape.

What was once called the Devil became known as the ego. The ego is the perspective that is our first belief. This first belief is the name of an identity that we use to define our self in the contexts of ‘I’ and ‘me’. Fear is the chemical effect of a belief. The chemical effect cannot exist within a mind that stops creating the cause. The cause of a fear is the beliefs held about the thing feared. We were taught to read so we could understand all the words that represented the ‘belief system’. In truth we are not the ego. We are the creator of the ego which is a costume worn to create a caricature.

We are the God of the ego because we created it. This is why it was said God created us in his own image. We created the reality we are now experiencing in our own imagination. The beliefs are a part of us but they are not the whole of us. A belief needs our faith in it for it to continue to exist within our mind. Without a belief there is no fear. We can only believe what we do not know because when we know we have no need of beliefs because we know. There is nothing to fear. What we fear is a hallucination.

A hallucination is the perception of something that does not exist.

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