The Teacher

When a teacher or guru speaks it doesn’t matter what they say or write unless it is believed. What is taught will only be accepted by those who believe. If what is taught conflicts with what a person believes to be true it may be considered interesting but not personally acceptable. Jesus is held as the archetypal prophet. If Jesus returned in a body and said to all those who would listen this is the way to freedom, love and everlasting happiness would anyone listen or believe? In a world where beliefs have usurped truth we cannot believe anything that our existing beliefs reject.

We are each unique and, regardless of the wisdom of our choice, each of us has decided who and what we are and therefore who and what we are not. If I don’t believe what you tell me I am, I won’t believe you. Exchanging or challenging beliefs which define who the believer believes they are cannot be accepted in the mind of the believer. This is because, if I believe I am what you define me to be, I commit spiritual suicide in order to be replaced with what you would have me be. This is why no religious dogma or concept has been completely accepted by mankind without force.

If we cannot teach something then we must enforce it. But to enforce how others should define reality is to enslave the minds of all of those who surrender to our authority. This is why we create laws to limit individual choice. This is why we outlaw particular types of unique creative expression. For me to accept what you define me to be requires me to accept that your truth is my truth. To accept your proposed truth without force your words must not conflict with my existing beliefs. This is because it is my beliefs which sustain who and what I believe I am.

If I believe you then I ‘serve’ your beliefs (law) and my mind is enslaved. To deny the self to worship the beliefs of others is to commit spiritual but not bodily suicide. It is suicide because, when I believe your beliefs, I am a slave to and controlled by the sorcery of those beliefs. If I accept what you define me to be or encourage me to become I am replaced by a concept. The concept is not me but merely a belief which says that your words are my truth. In truth ‘I am’ the original believer created by God. ‘I am’ is not just the truth of me but the truth for all God’s children.

The concepts, nationalities and religions that are used to define mankind are ‘not true’. The true self cannot be defined by any word or definition. In truth the only way we can identify the true self is with the words ‘I am’. Any word that follows the testimony of ‘I am’ creates a definition which is a personal limitation. We are not limited. If we choose to worship beliefs that define our self we become incarcerated within and replaced by those beliefs. A belief can only exist because we do not know. We either know or we do not.

The term ‘I am’ is true for all but its use is trickery intended to separate us so we do not realise the power of ‘we are’. When ‘I’ becomes a ‘we’ we have the power to create heaven on earth. What we have not collectively realised yet is that we are unlimited regardless how we each define the self. We are each individually worshipping our belief in our separate self as truth. This belief is sustaining existential parameters. Our identity is how we define our self. In truth ‘I am’ is the creator of what I define myself to be which means I am not what I define myself to be.

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