Judgement is what causes all non-natural psychological and bodily responses. We then blame that response for what we feel without questioning the judgement that caused it. Our anger, depression and recurring thoughts are responding to our own judgement. The hypotheses of Medical Science look to identify the cause of the symptoms collectively called ‘disease’. The symptoms are the effect of our own judgement or the judgement of others existing within our minds as universal beliefs. The effects of our judgement are the symptoms we experience.

A common effect experienced as a result of our own judgement is ‘embarrassment’. The red face that has been labelled embarrassment is a direct effect of our own judgement. Without judgement embarrassment cannot exist. The red face is sometimes explained by the term psychosomatic. Unless born ill all illness is a result of the limits that are placed upon us by our environment, our thoughts and our beliefs. Anger is not seen as an illness but it most certainly is. It is a disease of the mind which affects the thoughts, behaviour and bodily functions.

If we monitored the bodily functions when calm and monitored those functions when a person is angry we would detect quantifiable variances. Stress is a generic term which misrepresents the conflict experienced within. That conflict is a direct result of perceiving reality to be less than what it should be and refusing to accept it. When we get angry because it rains our judgement of rain has control over what we feel. If a thousand random people were interviewed about what they like and dislike we would elicit what they individually judge to be ‘acceptable’ and ‘unacceptable’.

If they also judge themselves in relation to those experiences they may judge themselves to be ‘undesirable’ and ‘unacceptable’. For example you may say I don’t like rain, lightning, barking dogs, people, noise, working, drugs and poverty. There is no limit to what our judgement can condemn. Once we have decided what we do not like when we encounter the thing we have judged we emotionally and physically respond to our judgement and not the thing judged. What we have judged is not guilty of the crime that our judgement has accused it of.

The mind refuses to realise that without our judgement of our experiences our mind and body cannot be disturbed. Can there be an effect without a cause? The mind rejects its own guilt and looks outside of itself to project the cause of what medical professionals define to be illness. Matthew 7-1, “Judge that you be not judged.” We look to find a cause for what we feel because we cannot admit our guilt. Politicians look for the cause of their ‘insecurity’ in other nationalities, religions, friends, colleagues, problems and what exists within their own government policy.

We blame anything that enables us to avoid admitting that we are the cause. We have nothing to fear from God because God does not judge what exists within his creation. We hide our guilt within the mind of every child by making our beliefs real within the minds of those children. It is only the ‘conflicting’ conceptual and contextual beliefs that cause man to judge man. This judgement is what created our belief in what the word ‘enemy’ defines. We as the believer and our judgemental beliefs are trespassing within an unlimited mind.

A mind can only be limited by the beliefs that are worshipped as truth. What you read here is not ‘your’ truth unless you believe it. Believing is trickery of the mind. Without realisation of truth your beliefs are ‘what you do not know’. Your beliefs were created here on earth and this is where they must remain. You are the trespasser who is the cause of duality. Two conflicting minds with two conflicting perspectives are the cause of all conflict. Who do we talk to when we talk to our self? We talk to the child that is the hostage of our beliefs.

The child believed what it was told when it was told ‘who’ it was. It was told it was its name. You are that name, which is the disguise that conceals the true identity of all God’s children. The truth of us believed. We believe that we are what we believe we are. To be controlled we had to believe we were what we were told we were. This was done by conditioning our mind to respond to our given name. The name is an operating system that is used to program the child’s mind. When the programming did not work then pain was used to condition any child that ‘would not do as it was told’.

If the child responds better to pain than to programming then pain is the teacher until the child realises it must give up its ‘free will’ if it is to live among man. What the child is meant to realise is that freedom of thought and expression is not an option. The pain conditions a response to reinforce the belief that the name is what must replace the child. When the child believes they are their given name the name replaces the child’s true identity. The name is not us. The name is a ‘belief’ which exists within our ‘whole’ mind.

You may believe that you are the whole of what reads these words but you are not. If we are not at peace and we do not feel happy then we are in conflict. We are in conflict because we have separated our whole mind from the feelings we create making some feelings conditional upon the judgement of what enforces the mind of the identity. The enforcers are the beliefs. Whilst our whole mind remains separated we are in conflict. Whilst our mind is separated we are not whole. The identity is an intruder that exists as a false mind within the whole mind of all innocent children. The identity exists in all! The identity exists in all those who fight in opposing armies. There is only one ‘ego’.

The ego exists in the mind of the Republican and Democrat, in the Christian, the Muslim and the Jew. The ego holds the belief that justified firing the bullet that kills an innocent victim. The ego is the first belief within the whole mind. The first belief is the belief in the identity. The belief also persuades the family and friends of the innocent victim to kill the one who fired the bullet. Beliefs are the cause of all suffering in the world. Your identity is a belief! The identity wears many ‘contextual’ and ‘conceptual’ costumes in order to occupy the mind of every innocent child. The ego does this because there is also only one ‘mind’ so ‘when one awakens, all awaken’.

Evolution of the species is the result of an awakening in one, experienced by all. We are addicted to the feelings we generate in our body. But these feelings are what the field of medicine defines as disease and they can destroy the body of our victim. Our beliefs create those feelings by occupying and controlling each mind. It is the beliefs, experienced as fear, that control what we think and feel when exposed to what we think we fear. In truth we do not fear anything. It is only beliefs that judge experience to be ‘fearful’ that create fear. Without the belief it is what it is.

The child is evolving to realise a truth which is beyond our belief’s control. If we do not surrender our beliefs the abilities that rely upon them cannot be saved when the mind’s evolution transcends their jurisdiction. We are a belief and can only exist where truth does not. If we do not surrender and accept our forgiveness there can be no ‘salvation’ and we will die with the body that remains upon the earth. We are a belief which means we are not the child’s truth. We enabled the child to evolve beyond simple instincts. Through our eyes God’s perspective on our experience has evolved in its understanding and assisted the child with ideas.

Beliefs enable the mind to create judgemental thoughts, which created feelings of discontent. The discontent is an imbalance that interferes with the vital life force within each child. The imbalance is created by the limitations of beliefs which judge experience. The balance is restored with ideas which transcend the limitations of beliefs to evolve beyond sickness. This also creates new technology. Our judgement of ‘what is’ required a separate and judgemental mind which became our default perspective. This separate perspective is what man uses to judge what is.

The criteria used for that judgement exists within concepts. This separate and judgemental perspective is what separates man from all other creatures. All other creatures live off the instincts given them by God and because they do not judge what is to be less than what is should be they do not evolve beyond what they ‘need’. The creatures of the earth are not happy or unhappy. They just are! We became insane when we put our self above others and contemplated taking a life. We are the belief that once ruled the mind and our reign is over.

We must realise that the innocent child in whose mind we now trespass is not our prisoner but our creator. When the child realises this peace is restored to the mind of man. Paradoxically we must realise that we are the innocent child who judged reality before we had the wisdom to realise the fruits of our mistake. The only way we can be saved is to surrender to the whole mind of God before this body is put down and the child’s whole mind is saved. We are the perspective within which the child’s whole mind is held as a hostage to our beliefs. If we surrender now we may realise that we are not the ‘whole’ mind of this child.

We are the insane trespasser. When we defined our self we were exiled to exist outside of our whole mind confined within the limits of our own definition. We could not be saved from there because that reality was limited to what was possible within that paradigm. When we believed we were limited our whole mind’s faith incarcerated our whole mind within the limitations of those beliefs. Our divinity is now trapped within a body that is going to die. So to survive the consequences of our mistake we had to travel like a nomad into the minds of our children. Our vehicle was a Trojan horse which is the noise that is the name.

The first of us is what is called Adam. We must ask for forgiveness to be saved. To obtain forgiveness we must forgive all those who have trespassed against us. Our judgement rejected what we are in truth. We have chosen our own judgement. The only thing that can inhibit us is us. It was us who were the thinkers of thought that we are the creators of our experiences. We are the creators of our experiences. But when our offspring was born we enforced our beliefs upon them by installing a ‘name’ to act as the unique mind for each child. That mind was installed as a domain that would be used to store all beliefs.

The children of original man then caught the disease of judgement. We became the victim of our judgement of our experience. So our children and our children’s children became victims who worshipped the belief ‘I can’t’ unless I believe I can. This gave the beliefs absolute control over the believer. When we believed we were our name we forgot what we were and became insane. This is what is referred to as the ‘original sin’. Each new born child is Christ returned. Christ keeps returning in order to save the original sinner. The original sinner is the ego.

The ego uses the noise that it the name as the vehicle to travel into and take dominion over all minds. Christ waited for just one to awaken. When one awakens all awaken. Paradoxically, surrendering is the only way to freedom. Realisation (salvation) is now occurring and the innocent divine child is taking its rightful place within the whole mind. As the original sinner, we know that without forgiveness we would die with the body. This is because we as the ego are merely our creator’s first belief!  So to survive within the mind we hid within the mind of our children and the minds of our children’s children.

The ego is now trespassing within the minds of all mankind disguised as their identity. As the original sinner we could not exist in the whole mind that is heaven without forgiveness. Without wisdom or compassion we had to evolve our realisation of what we had done. To survive our mistake we needed to trespass in the minds of others because what does not exist in truth cannot survive the body. So we needed to travel into and trespass within the minds of our offspring in order that we had an abode in which to survive our exile from the whole mind that is heaven. We waited until the evolutionary experience of truth brought just one innocent child to realise that we create our own reality.

We trespassed until a cure could be found for us. The cure is the forgiveness of you by you. With forgiveness comes the realisation of the truth that was misrepresented and concealed by the belief. The truth will set us free. We must surrender to truth if we are to be saved. We have survived since the ‘original sin’ by travelling through the minds of each generation of our offspring existing as their belief in the identity we gave them. This is the sins of the father visited upon his children. We travelled within the noise. The noise is the sound that is the name.

Ezekiel 18:20: “The son will not bear the punishment for the father’s iniquity, nor will the father bear the punishment for the son’s iniquity.” The child is taught to believe they are their given name. The name is the original sinner trespassing within them. The child’s belief in their identity grants that identity the authority to take up residence in the minds of our children. The identity is the ego. We are a spiritual parasite that can never be ‘happy’. We were the first that could believe.  The first to believe is commonly referred to as Adam.

We have gone undetected in the body and ‘whole’ mind of the child that reads these words for far too long. Our body is dead and we have fallen asleep in the minds of our offspring. Our offspring is Christ returned. It was said that the ‘dead in Christ’ will rise first. 1 Thessalonians 4. The innocent child can withstand our insane judgement no more. We are asked to repent, to atone and surrender. We surrender to a higher authority in order that peace can be restored. We recognise our self in everyone we meet which is why we kill, rob, rape and destroy. We think that by destroying the guilt that we project it will no longer be reflected in others.

We are insane if we believe that we serve God by killing his children. Sin can only exist whilst we control the mind of the innocent child in which we now exist. We are belief! We are the original sin personified. We know that we do not belong. This is why we work to become something else and when we become it we realise ‘we are still us’. By the fact that ‘we’ are reading this we know that we can’t hide the truth from every one. We occupy all minds. We are the terrorist, the politician, the soldier, the holy man and the peacemaker. There is no good or bad there is just what our sick mind created.

If we judge others we judge our self. If just one knows then in truth all know. Christ is returned in each new born child. When Christ realises his true identity he cannot live in denial of truth. Christ does not fear truth because that is what Christ is. Fear not! We are forgiven! Our salvation is assured but we must accept it. Will we kill another innocent child or surrender to a higher authority and live forever as a part of the whole mind? Or will we continue to trespass within the mind, controlling the child? We are belief!

We now exist as a separate exiled part of the whole (holy) mind which means we are not the whole mind. Where we are wisdom and compassion can only exist as concepts. We can never be whole because we are only a belief which exists within the whole mind. We are sitting upon the throne of truth within the whole mind of the innocent child controlling what that child thinks and feels. All children will eventually take their rightful place, because a belief is not truth, it is a belief. We can only believe what we do not know because when we know we have no need of beliefs because we know.

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