Reality is a Vibration

Anything we look at or think about for long enough changes in our mind. Everything in existence vibrates at a frequency. If we sit and contemplate an object our mind’s relationship with the object will change. Everything in what we perceive to be our external reality is a reflection of an inner reality. It is only by changing our inner reality that we change what we perceive to be our external reality. We define our internal reality as ‘just our imagination’ and therefore unreal. We define external reality as real. This is to hold the effect that is the external reality to be its own cause.

The mind’s internal reality is the creator and cause of the effect that we perceive to be our external reality. The inner reality is the creator of everything we perceive from the perspective of the body. Our mind is the cause and our experience is the effect. We need do nothing in our external reality to change it. To change the vibration that is our external reality ‘we’ merely change the collective vibration ‘within us all’. Each belief creates a specific vibration. The beliefs collectively dilute our highest vibration. The highest vibration is love. The cause of any lower vibration is our faith in our beliefs.

Our beliefs create and sustain our perception. Our perception ‘creates’ our reality. The belief system sustaining universal beliefs is now trespassing within our minds. What prevents the realisation of the ability to create an abundant life is our mind’s devotion to beliefs that are in conflict with this truth. The conceptually reliant universal belief system is used by authority to incarcerate the collective mind of mankind. The majority of minds that share the same beliefs harness the power that creates and sustains the collective hallucination that we call reality.

Education hypnotises our minds to ensure we only hallucinate the official paradigm called reality. This reality is sustained by our faith in concepts created to ensure we universally perceive what is defined by education to be an objective and separate external ‘environment’. ‘We’ create reality and our beliefs sustain it. All conflict is caused by conflicting perceptions fighting to sustain separate realities within the same paradigm. The unconscious motivation for war is to kill sufficient numbers of creative perspectives whose collective existence is creating a ‘reality’ our prejudices reject.

What is defined to be reality is created ‘within the mind’. The beliefs that sustain individual perspectives are now in conflict in many parts of the paradigm represented by the word ‘world’. This is the world that we collectively perceive. To restore peace we merely need to accept ‘what is’. There are many individual perspectives creating conflict with others. The separate minds must agree if they are to sustain the collective belief systems. There are separate minds existing in separate racial, political and religious groups sustaining what is perceived to be peaceful and violent conflict.

It is the conflicting beliefs which exist within separate minds that currently sustain what is defined to be reality. Reality is the effect of our perception. Perception does not see or interpret reality. Perception is what creates reality.  Perception is sustained by constraining reality within our definition of it. An individual perspective’s beliefs that are faithful to any religion or system may be conflict with another individual’s beliefs. When this occurs the individual’s feelings may begin to vibrate at levels which are in contrast to a loving vibration experienced chemically as ‘fear’.

The violent conflict which exists in our reality is merely the effect of beliefs that reject ‘what is’. It is a reflection. The reflection is the effect of a cause. The conflict experienced in what we define to be reality is a reflection and projection of an inner conflict. The conflict is not without, it is within. This inner conflict exists because one person’s version of ‘right’ is another person’s version of ‘wrong’ and some of these conflicting perspectives will fight for what they think is ‘right’. Our judgement is the ‘cause’ and what we perceive to be reality is the ‘effect’.

This is why it was said that the kingdom of heaven is within. It is! Our beliefs are controlling our vibration and what we feel is our vibration. We either exist in a vibration of love or fear. Fear comes in many forms. Fear exists ‘within’ as a vibration that releases chemicals within our body in response to our perception. The chemicals are felt within as fear, stress, anxiety, foreboding, worry, anger, which we pray to God to release us from. Fear is expressed externally with words, violence, genocide and behavioural constraints. The removal of our judgement transforms our vibration.

Our judgement is sustained by what we believe. We can only believe what we do not know. When we remove the beliefs from our mind that are trespassing there peace is restored to our mind.  What trespasses within our mind is anything that was put there ‘by us’ or ‘by others’ including our faith that we are an identity. We are not Catholics, Jews and Muslims. We are one! Our perception of reality is programmed by those who control the paradigms of the religious, economic and political systems. Without our faith in the beliefs that sustain those paradigms they cannot exist.

Beliefs systems are spiritual prisons that incarcerate our mind. The beliefs vicariously control the expression of our power by adjusting our internal vibration in response to what authority and education ensures we perceive as an objective external reality.  KJV, Matthew 11:23 “For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith.” This merely requires faith. Our faith is imprisoned and devoted to what we believe to be our beliefs.

We can only believe what we do not know because when we know we have no need of beliefs because we know. The jihad is not without it is within.  If we surrender to God then we have the power to withdraw our faith in any belief that sees a brother as enemy. We are all God’s children. To kill the enemy we hate does not kill the enemy within which is the hatred itself. To free our self from hatred and fear we must undo its cause. Its cause is always within. Any belief that lacks compassion is a demonic trespasser that controls the mind of the believer. This is a ‘possession’ of the mind.

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