The Ego

The ego controls the mind of the President, the politician, the film director, the bus driver, the butcher, the Christian, the journalist, the terrorist, the criminal, the Muslim and the teacher. There is only one ego. The control the ego has over each person is not absolute. It will depend on the jurisdiction into which we are born which beliefs our individual mind is programmed to worship as truth. Where freedom of expression exists some individuals may have the freedom to openly express a disbelief they have regarding the official dogma or propaganda.

What we individually value is influenced or controlled by the culture and environment into which we are born. The ego doesn’t care if we put on the costume of Muslim, Christian, Jew or agnostic. As long as mankind are in conflict destroying each other our mind sustains an abode for the ego. The ego cannot be murdered because he is the murderer. Jihadists cannot kill the ego without becoming it. The ego is in the minds of the perspective of both sides of any conflict. The judgement of the righteous reveals a worshipper and disciple of the ego. The ego is Satan.

The ego was first created in ‘one mind’ commonly referred to as Adam. When Adam named his children the ego travelled in the sound that was that name to ‘multiply’. With each generation the ego’s control increased exponentially. We came from one source and our blood was contaminated by a ‘trespasser’. The perspective of the ego now has control over the minds of the whole of mankind. The naming of the first child established a precedent that enabled the ego to travel down through all generations into the minds of ‘all children’.

The realisation of truth by some created religions. The ego controls the children of God with spiritual software. That software is the beliefs. Religions sought to instil more compassionate software to control the ego mind of our children. The ego is a sound! It is the first sound that we consistently hear until our mind is conditioned by it. Pavlov demonstrated in his experiments that the mind can be conditioned to respond to a sound. That sound is our name. Our faith in our name ensures we exist within existential parameters commonly referred to as the ego mind.

The ego is a paradigm in which the global consciousness of humanity is now trapped. The ego rejects its guilt by projecting the cause for what it feels to be its enemies who merely reflect back what is being projected. This projection of ‘blame’ is used to justify all wars and suffering. The finger of allegation exists in the form of the beliefs that justify acting without compassion. The ego replaced the word of God with a sound that is our given name in order to harness the most creative force in existence. The child’s mind was trespassed against with a ‘false word’.

When the child believed it was the ‘word’ the word was used as a Trojan horse that entered the child’s mind. The ego takes the place of us within our own minds. KJV, John 1-5 “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 He was with God in the beginning. 3 Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. 4 In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. 5 The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”

Once this trespasser gained admittance to the child’s whole mind that trespasser lived vicariously through the divinity of the child creating a world of darkness. When the child believed it was its given name the child was forced to live vicariously through the perspective of the ego mind. To keep control of its hostage the Devil controls the chemical responses of the child’s body. The chemical responses are what we generically define as our feelings. The beliefs install commands within the mind using language that creates a cause and effect relationship.

The cause is the beliefs and the effect is the chemical responses we call our feelings. The beliefs are commands that the mind uses to release chemicals. The most common feeling is fear. Fear is not of God. There is no need to fear what loves. Our beliefs are prejudicing our perception of our experiences in order to create ‘perceptually induced chemical responses’. These chemical responses are what the ego generically calls feelings that are described in specific terms as ’emotions’. To remove the control our beliefs have over our body’s chemistry we need only remove our faith in the beliefs that cause those responses.

The word happiness represents the state of mind and body that exists when we have no beliefs to prejudice our perception of our experiences. The experience is the experience. The experience is how it feels. If we can explain why we feel what we feel then we are really explaining which beliefs our mind worships as truth. It is what it is regardless of how we define it. The experience is the experience and not what we define it to be. When we withdraw our faith in all beliefs that explains why we feel bad, unless we are injured, ill or born disabled we can no longer feel bad.

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