History of the Ego

Those we love or care about we cannot protect if we are love, compassion and understanding. We don’t want those we love to be robbed, attacked, raped, tortured or murdered. If we are acceptance, understanding and forgiveness we have no choice but to stand by and let these things happen to those we love. We could not be wholly good whilst there was evil in the world because to be ‘acceptance’ means we accept without protest those who do evil. We cannot protect ourselves from others unless we can control them. So what is it that can control? The ‘ego’.

The ego is an archetype created originally from one person believing the word of another as truth. In history it was not just the animals that were domesticated. Whips, chains and pain were used to install an archetype into the mind of each child. When we were conditioned to respond to spoken commands an archetype took our place. The ego is a noise that we are conditioned to respond to in exactly the same way a dog is conditioned to respond to its given name. When we are domesticated we no longer have free will and become a slave to the commands that are given to the noise that is our given name.

The noise that is the name remotely controls the mind of its ‘slave’ so that when the slave is told to fetch the mind that is enslaved by that noise will fetch. When a slave was conditioned and trained it would obediently respond to the spoken commands or feel the pain of the whip. It was important for the slave to be trained if it was to obediently play the part assigned. If a slave believes it is what it is called it will not reject the beliefs created to programme the mind of this false and limited perspective. When taking drugs or alcohol we experience temporary freedom from the limited thoughts and feelings that incarcerate our joy. This shows us that slavery is dead in name only.

What men born in freedom have not realised is that the sins (beliefs) of the parents are still visited upon their children in the form of the ‘identity’. In recent history the sovereign rulers have permitted greater freedoms of expression within defined existential constraints. The constraints upon individual freedom of expression are defined in legal, moral and religious contexts. The children of God must continue to worship beliefs if beliefs are to continue to control their minds. The beliefs that determine the limits of what is permitted to exist as individual freedom of thought are those authorised by those who control us.

Our minds are trained to live within existential paradigms sustained by the beliefs that define them. The identity is the ruling paradigm that trespasses within each child’s mind. Authority still uses the ego mind to control our minds because the ego mind, which is the mind of the given identity, is an operating system. Whoever controls the mind has control over the one who is controlled by that mind. Through wars and revolution the people gradually took back control from the rulers of their lands. What we have not yet realised is that the enemy still exists within our ‘mind’. The enemy exists as our own ‘self-perception’ and the beliefs used by this false witness to incarcerate us. We are its prisoner and slave. In the Western world we are perceived by those living in ‘oppressive regimes’ to be free men and women.

We are not free as long as we are still controlled by the ‘archetype’ that we think is the whole of ‘us’. We are all the descendants of emancipated slaves. Slaves have no free will and are controlled by others. The behaviour and obedience of a domesticated dog demonstrates that slavery of the mind and body does not require whips or chains. The children of emancipated slaves were born into bodily freedom. The emancipated slaves that named their children had not realised that their minds were not free. The thoughts of the emancipated slave were still controlled by their beliefs. To free the body without freeing the mind is like releasing a domesticated dog born in captivity into the wild.

Religion and education ensured that the minds of our parents were not free. The beliefs acquired by our parents created existential parameters. These existential parameters can take generations of ‘experience’ to escape. What the children of emancipated slaves were told created beliefs which when believed created the same parameters within their minds. Those parameters placed limitations upon the child’s freedom of thought. Those parameters also placed limits upon the child’s freedom of expression. Those parameters only exist within the paradigm of the part of the mind that is controlled by the identity.

All identities are created to control the mind. The identity of emancipated slaves merely replaced the outdated operating system. What the beliefs of the identity replaced was the ‘will of God’. The ego is a consciousness created by man to ‘trespass’ within the minds of our children so that they will do the things that we would not or could not freely do. The ego is a mind created and sustained by a belief system that can achieve objectives that will not be compromised by love, compassion or understanding. Being merely an operating system, the ego has no heart or soul. An example of the use of an ego can be seen in technology.

An ego operates in an identical way to the software that is used to control a computer. It is the software and not the computer that controls and limits the computer’s creative expression and behaviour. The beliefs we worship determine whether our behaviour conforms to ‘criminal’, ‘good’, ‘bad’, ‘abnormal’, ‘academic’, ‘employable’ or ‘unemployable’. A computer can be used for war games, graphic design or art. On a computer screen the fighter and soldier can kill effectively and proficiently. They can do so because of programming by those whose program controls the computer’s creative expression.

A computer has the potential to express a multitude of functions.  A computer cannot autonomously creatively express itself and is limited in its expression by its programming. The programming creates the software that ensures the correct response to pre-determined commands. We may think we are not like the animated characters in a computer game because they are limited and controlled by their programming. The behaviour of the characters in a computer game is limited to a finite number of conditioned responses that respond to a number of pre-programmed commands. We are also limited by a number of pre-programmed commands existing as our beliefs. ‘I can’t’ reveals an individual’s awareness of the limits of their freedom to comfortably engage in an experience.

The personal application of the phrase ‘I can’t’ usually exists within the context of ‘because’ which reveals the paradigm within which our beliefs are located. The ego is a false mind which is an intruder that is trespassing within our whole mind. The ego is an operating system and the beliefs are its software. Just like a computer we cannot exceed the creative output that is determined by our software. Our software is our beliefs. In truth we are not our ego mind. The ego mind is the mind of our given identity. Our whole mind is the paradigm in which our false mind exists. Our whole mind is omnipresent and is always unconsciously communicating with our ego mind all of the time.

Our whole mind does this so that we will awaken and escape from our whole mind’s self-imposed prison. We are our own prisoner. We incarcerate our self with our faith in our beliefs. The ‘ego mind’ is the operating system. Our software (beliefs) is now controlling the whole mind. The whole mind controls the hardware which is our body and its chemistry which is what we feel. Whilst we believe in our identity we must live vicariously through its judgement and within the limitations of the jurisdiction of its beliefs. The criteria for whether or not you accept this as truth is whether or not you ‘believe’ it.

If we do not believe what we read we will not accept it as truth. How can we argue that we are not controlled by our beliefs if they are the exclusive source of our mind’s truth? When the body of a slave is freed the slave’s mind is still imprisoned. A mind that is imprisoned can be educated to understand a concept of compassion. But a conditioned mind being an operating system is not compassionate and if it decides to rob, attack, rape, torture or murder it will do so. So in order to protect ourselves and our offspring from evil we ‘believed’ that we still needed to program the minds of our offspring with beliefs needed to protect the child’s true self and prepare it for what we perceive to be the ‘real world’ not realising our perception is the creator of what we perceive to be the real world. What creates perception? The beliefs that define it!

We continue to program our children with a ‘judgemental mind’ that can discern ‘good’ from ‘evil’ not realising that the belief and understanding of evil delivers evil into the mind in the form of a concept which is converted by perception into our experience.  Perception creates reality. Evil being a concept can only exist within an ego mind. All concepts are what were once called ‘demons’. The church programmed the minds of our children claiming that faith in the beliefs that concealed the software would protect our children from ‘evil’ by programming their mind to recognise evil. “Judge that you be not judged.”

If we do not to turn the other cheek we will become what it is we fear. Whilst there is just one ego mind in the world we can be exploited, harmed or destroyed.

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