Our experiences are the fruits of our own judgement. We are our consciousness’s perspective on our experience. So consciousness is aware of the truth of all our experiences. Consciousness is not aware of our perspective’s version of the truth of our perceived experiences. We evolved into what we perceive and define to be the ‘self’. In truth we cannot be defined because this would place limitation upon something that the concept of evolution has attempted but failed to explain. The body is the manifestation of consciousness.

What evolution attempted to explain is that we are limitless. In truth we as we perceive our self cannot be the whole truth.  What we perceive to be our self is merely our perception of the qualities we project. We project qualities to define what we perceive to be our self. What we now perceive to be our self will eventually evolve to become a selfless part of the whole. This will make us whole. The health of the whole is the health of one and the health of one is the health of the whole. Through experience we are realising that what we are holding as ‘truth’ is not ‘true’.

The hypothesis is trickery and self-delusion. What we are realising without any reliance upon religious dogma or government legislation is that we are one. If we see others as different, better, worse, richer, poorer or sick then we are blind.  Our eyes are not the cause of our blindness. Our eyes are merely the lens. Our blindness is caused by what edits what we believe we see. What we believe we see is what our perception tells us is there to be seen. We can only see our judgement which projects the images that we believe we can see.

If we look at the uniform of an opposing army we may identify the enemy. To recognise an enemy requires knowledge not truth. Knowledge is not knowing it is confirmation of a belief that said this is ‘this’ and that is ‘that’.  ‘We’ became friends and ‘they’ became enemy. So I became this and you became that and perception was used to judge the enemy to be the cause of what we each felt.  I felt what I felt as a loyal response to a false witness that was ‘knowledge’. When installed knowledge is what misrepresents our own unique truth.

There is much knowledge that is false testimony. Knowledge acquired from reading words written in a book does not mean we know it means we believe we know. How can we know historical facts about something that occurred in the years before our body came into existence? What happened in the years before our body came into existence is not our experience. Historical facts are not facts and awareness of them does not mean we know. Remembering and repeating perceived facts and information that we have read about does not mean we know.

To repeat what we have learned means we believe our knowledge is truth. To provide the correct answer in an examination is a sign of complicity in an organised delusion. If we are knowledgeable of an experience that we have never experienced then our mind is full of false witnesses. These false witnesses are our own beliefs. Our beliefs about our self do not empower us, they constrain us. It is only by comparison between someone perceived to have knowledge with someone perceived to lack knowledge that we can define the knowledgeable to be intelligent.

We need no beliefs. With or without beliefs ‘we are’.  We are not what we perceive or believe our self to be.  It is what we perceive our self to be that needs to believe. This false self needs to believe because it does not know. It does not know because it is not ‘us’. Those who live in hunger and poverty do so because of systemic beliefs. Systemic beliefs, installed as knowledge, control the mind of the believer. Education divides and separates our whole mind to serve a systemic paradigm that creates hunger, war and poverty. Ignorance is not the enemy of peace, knowledge is.

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