How to Change Your World

The world is an external reflection of an inner condition. The world is what we perceive to be reality. The inner condition is the mind’s perception. What this means is that if our perception changes then the external reflection that is the world changes also. This is because the world as we individually perceive it is fixed by two factors. Those factors are the projector and its reflection which is the perceiver and the perceived. The perceiver is the perspective of the ‘self’. If we ask the perceiver to identify their self they would identify what they define in the context of ‘I’.

The ‘I-self’ is a ‘my-self’ which is what represents what we each refer to as ‘me’. There is the perspective of a self and what the self perceives. Our consciousness is trapped by our faith in an identity which perceives only what it believes to be real. The perspective of the self is limited by what it perceives to be reality.  Education ensures that each mind is educated to believe in concepts developed to inform our opinions and control our perception. Authority obtains our faith in beliefs installed through Education so that we all simultaneously project and therefore perceive  the reality defined by authority.

The self is limited by what we individually and collectively believe is possible. The ‘whole mind’ of each individual self can only be limited by what they believe to be possible. The parameters of what is believed to be possible create the limits of voluntary self-expression. The concept of ‘possible’ was created to ensure that what we believed was possible constrained what our perception created. Perception claims that the thing observed exists separately and its existence is not dependent upon an observer. In history it was discovered that the mind can be controlled by installing a belief system.

Power is retained by controlling the perception of others. When it was discovered that a believer is controlled by his own beliefs the authorised beliefs of mankind were dictated by authority. To have control over all mankind authority needed to make believers out of all mankind. To control the behaviour of all mankind we needed to dictate which beliefs must be worshipped as truth. All minds that believe are enslaved by the beliefs they worship as truth. So what is or is not possible for each one of us is dependent upon what we believe to be possible. So who or what believes? Only a believer can believe. What is a believer? A believer is the ‘who’ perspective that we think we are.

What is a perspective? A perspective is a fixed point of awareness. Where is the perspective? The perspective is within the ‘mind’. The perspective is a fixed point of awareness within the whole mind. The perspective is therefore not the ‘whole mind’. The perspective is what we each identify our individual self to be in the context of ‘me’. The perspective is a fixed point of awareness that is our individual witness to what we perceive to be reality. The perspective is what we are told we are. So the fixed perspective, when believed, becomes our ‘identity’. The inner condition is the mind of the ‘identity’. This is the inner condition that projects and therefore creates the outer experience that is generically perceived to be our environment.

What does all this mean? This means we are not the fixed perspective that is the mind of the identity. The mind of the identity is the operating system installed to ‘control’ the believer. What is the believer? The believer is the identity, incorrectly referred to by each one of us, as ‘me’. Our whole mind is the prisoner of an operating system. The operating system is programmed with software. The operating system is the mind of the identity and the beliefs are its software. The consciousness of our whole mind has been programmed with beliefs. We are the ‘original believer’ of the ‘original belief’. The original belief is the belief in the ‘identity’. The believer exists within everyone who has a ‘name’. Our whole mind is incarcerated within the ‘perspective’ of the identity.

The name is a sound that is used to condition a response within the whole mind of the infant child. When we respond to our given name we become trapped within the existential parameters of a fixed perspective. The fixed perspective is a microcosm that exists within a macrocosm. The macrocosm is the whole mind and the microcosm establishes the parameters of the ego mind’s beliefs. The identity incarcerates a mind of ‘unlimited possibility’ within the parameters of its own beliefs. Imagine discovering that we were not who we each identify our self to be. Our state of mind is the effect of our perception. Our perception reflects what we believe. What we believe can change. If we change what we believe we change what we perceive. If we change what we perceive we change what we think and feel.

How each one of us feels will depend upon what we believe about what we perceive to be reality. The quality of our relationship with anything is dependent upon what we feel about what we are experiencing. In terms of how our life ‘feels’ our perception is the cause and how our experience feels is the effect. Our minds are collectively creating and sustaining what we perceive to be reality.  Our outer reflection which is the experience that we call reality cannot change until the cause that creates it changes. The cause and creator of reality is our mind’s faith in our beliefs. We can only believe ‘what we do not know.’ If enough of us change our minds the world must change.

Unless we remove our faith in beliefs they will continue to trespass against us. Beliefs control perception and reality is a reflection of our perception. Perception is created by the beliefs we worship as truth. We can only believe what we do not know. To forgive we withdraw our faith in the personal beliefs that sustain our individual mind’s prejudices. This is what is meant by surrender unto God. This is also the true meaning of ‘forgiveness’. This will transform what we individually perceive to be reality. If sufficient numbers withdraw their faith in the generic beliefs that education uses to programme our collective mind then our collective perception will transform what we ‘collectively’ perceive to be reality.

Our collective mind has and always will create reality. The evidence of our ability to create reality is seen in the changes to our technologies and our built environment.  We really do have the power. Our current reality demonstrates that our conditioned minds lack the wisdom to create a world that we can all share. Wisdom only exists within a mind that is guided by compassion.

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