Personal Transformation

We are not victims. We have been conditioned to think we need an Idea. We are an idea in the mind of our creator. We are an expression of the mind of our creator. Our creator exists within us. Our individual consciousness is now incarcerated within the parameters of what we each individually believe to be possible for us. We have each been ‘educated’ to delegate our power to our ‘belief system’ which exists within the conceptual paradigms of ‘education’, ‘knowledge’, ‘politics’, ‘religion’ and ‘economics’.

To thrive within those limited realities we must learn the beliefs necessary to participate. These limited paradigms are not reality. Paradigms are a shared collective hallucination that is only sustained by beliefs. The paradigm we call reality will continue for as long as we allow the beliefs that sustain it to programme our mind. Mankind is omnipotent. Authority knows this but has ensured that each new born child does not realise this. If this is true how could it be possible for authority to prevent the billions of minds that exist upon the planet from ‘realising’?

This is achieved by conditioning the minds of every new born child to ensure it believes it is what it is told it is. The new born child is unlimited but its mind is conditioned before it can realise this. Mankind is struggling because we are waiting for something or someone to come from ‘outside’ that will make the world a better place. This will be a long and fruitless wait because what exists on the outside is merely a reflection of the thoughts, ideas and dreams that exist on the ‘inside’. To keep imagining the life we desire is the only way to create it.

When we imagine or remember feelings then in that moment we create them. If we wish to transform our life then we must ensure that our thoughts are devoted to that reality so that they consume our every moment. When we worship thoughts of fun, enjoyment, laughter, warmth, affection, love and fulfilment we create this life. If we take the news and media as our truth we allow an alien external source to contaminate our consciousness and our thoughts and our feelings will create that reality.

‘Beliefs’ ensure that our pictures, thoughts and feelings are incarcerated within contextual paradigms. The truth is that ‘we can only believe what we do not know’. The world has many examples of contextual paradigms that are sustained by belief systems. Too many of these paradigms exist as ‘violent conflict’, ‘political conflict’, ‘poverty’, ‘hunger’, ‘homelessness’, ‘fear’, ‘disease’, ‘crime’, ‘slavery’ and ‘limitation’. We cannot transform these paradigms by fighting them. As Jung said, ‘What you resist, persists’.

It is because the mind only fights what it thinks is real that propaganda is so successful. The only way we can transform paradigms is to create new paradigms within our mind. The objective of the media is to influence the mind’s perception to ensure it exclusively sustains what is offered by the media to be each mind’s personal truth. The reports of unemployment, poverty and violence ensure that when read, if believed, this perceived reality becomes real. This is because our faith in any imagined or believed reality creates it. Only a few have realised that it only requires enough of us to believe for our collective imagination to do the rest.

What we believe we create in our experience. Even if the reality reported is not true it can influence whole nations into thinking and believing and therefore transforming what is believed into direct experience. An example of this is the case of the false government and media reports of ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’. This manipulation of consciousness has led to the destruction of the ways of life of whole communities, cultures and nations. All technological creations were first created as a single idea within a single mind. The ideas that enter the mind are the creative force of God.

What we worship as truth creates the constraints we have placed upon our imagination. Our imagination is what creates our ideas. If we worship hatred and propaganda our imagination is confined by those paradigms. What we worship as truth not only influences our mind it also controls our imagination. Our imagination is what creates our ideas. This creates a vicious circle because what we imagine consumes our thoughts, behaviour and creative expression. Generic beliefs now incarcerate the collective creative expression of mankind.

Our beliefs become our truth but we can only believe what we do not know. So our imagination exclusively serves this ‘explicit’ or ‘implied’ truth that is placed within our mind by our parents, community and education in the form of beliefs. Many consciously choose to acquire beliefs that exist in the form of empirical knowledge. Education was created to ensure that the collective ‘knowledge’ and ‘abilities’ gained from ‘experience’ were not lost. The hypotheses that sustained technological evolution were installed within the minds of our children.

These beliefs whilst informative created limitations upon the imagination. Personal limitations are experienced as the individual parameters within each mind that inhibit and constrain individual creative expression. Personal constraints are most commonly expressed with the words ‘I can’t’. An individual’s creative potential cannot be taken from them as long as their mind is free. Even as you read this your acceptance or rejection of these words is determined by whether or not you believe what is written here.

Therefore the criterion for what is possible or not is not what is possible but what we ‘believe’ to be possible. So are all beliefs constraints? Yes! There are many therapeutic interventions that deal with what are perceived to be problematic beliefs. The jailor of our consciousness is not our beliefs but the believer. We are the believers! Who or what is the believer? The believer is the individual perspective in which our consciousness is incarcerated. What is the perspective? The perspective is who we believe we are in the context of ‘me’. The perspective is the ‘identity’.

What does it matter who we are or who we believe we are? When we individually define our children to be Christian, Muslim, American, Russian, Bosnian or Serb we have not only defined what they are but all that they are not. We are one! There are indeed different ‘breeds’ and skin colour which we define as ‘racial types’. But we are individual expressions of one consciousness! The separate identities worshipping separate beliefs are the cause of all suffering. Personal transformation is only required if we are not happy and our mind is not at peace.

When we define our children’s identity we incarcerate their consciousness within the limitations of the perspective of that identity. In the moment a child believes it is what and who it is told it is its consciousness is incarcerated within the limitations of that identity. The limitations of the mind of the identity are sustained by the beliefs that each child worships as truth. There is only one belief that must be undone for the child to be released from the existential parameters that are sustained by belief systems. What ‘we are’ is not who we believe we are. We can only believe what we do not know.

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