Demons are what control the minds of men who cause suffering. Demons possess the mind of those who worship demons as their God. Demons are beliefs. Concepts are beliefs. The objective of a Demon is to divide the mind into contextual demonic ‘truths’ existing as personal beliefs. The word Demon originates from daiesthai which means to divide. A compassionate mind could not murder, rape, bomb or commit genocide. So, in order to change a compassionate mind into an uncompassionate mind, the mind needs to be programmed.

The programming of the mind with concepts gives allegiance to those concepts. So how do you program a mind with concepts? The way this is done is to create a vocabulary that uses words which have a particular meaning and educate the mind to replace reality with the word’s definition of that reality. Some of the concepts that are used by authority to create a particular understanding are ‘war’, ‘patriotism’, ‘enemy’, ‘infidel’, ‘politics’, ‘blasphemer’, ‘criminal’, ‘justice’, ‘justification’, ‘casualties’, ‘collateral damage’, ‘insurgents’, ‘security risk’, ‘enemy’, ‘terrorist’.

Demons have infiltrated religions to prejudice interpretation with concepts that change their faith. Islam and Christianity are the illegitimate children of Judaism. Judaism was contaminated before Christ. The minds of many followers of Islam and Christianity are contaminated by the same demons. Concepts are the costumes worn by the demons that we rely upon to ‘justify’ acts which are against our faith or values. The self-proclaimed faithful who kill just one, worship a demon who wishes to kill all. The religious text is used to justify worshipping the belief in killing, attacking and condemning others.

Religious and political scholars rely upon concepts such as ‘enemy’, ‘spy’, ‘betrayal’ and ‘blasphemy’. Any God that requires us to kill is a ‘demonic’ God. World leaders each worship the concepts of ‘enemy’, ‘patriotism’, ‘international law’ and ‘national security’. These concepts can only exist for as long as we have separate legal jurisdictions. There are no Christians if there are only Muslims. There are no Muslims if there are only Christians. We disagree with anyone who worships a single word that is in conflict with a single word that we worship as our truth.

Islam, Judaism and Christianity are one. There is only ‘one God’ divided by ‘perception’. We all eat. We all sleep. We all love our children. We cannot live in peace and comfort whilst our minds are possessed by concepts that attack our peace of mind. All concepts, when believed, are what were once called demons that exist within the mind of those who believe in those concepts. These metaphorical demons are puppet masters that control the minds of those who believe in those concepts. The same demon that is called ‘enemy’ exists on all sides of all conflicts simultaneously.

The concept of ‘enemy’ is only one of thousands of metaphorical demons that occupy and control the minds of the leaders of the modern world. Once installed within the mind of those who are educated to understand and believe in those concepts those demons remotely control the minds of the governments of the world. This includes the governments of North and South America, Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa. Each major concept has a ‘legion’ of demons under its control. With the exception of the belief in God all beliefs that deny compassion are demons.

We can only believe what we do not know because when we know we have no need of beliefs because we know. ‘Policies’ and ‘legislation’ and ‘justification’ are demons that collectively use force to control. ‘Law’ and ‘punishment’ are demons that justify punishing parents who refuse to sacrifice their child’s mind to the demon of ‘education’. ‘Education’ is a demon that replaces the child by installing beliefs to control the child’s mind. ‘Patriotism’ and ‘religion’ are some of the most powerful demons used to create a perceived ‘enemy’ of our ‘God’ or our ‘home country’.

Some have refused to allow demons to enter their mind and take up residence there. Political prisoners are typical of those who refuse to ‘believe’. These may be perceived as a security risk, blasphemer or guilty of dissention. Those who are considered to be ‘law abiding’ citizens are asleep. They are not experiencing life as it was given to them but emotionally responding to what they ‘perceive’. What they perceive is what they believe. The demon of religion uses ‘faith’ in religious beliefs to enslave the believer to the bidding of the many legions of religious demons.

Only an insane mind possessed by demons could justify stoning, burning, raping, enslaving and beheading in ‘God’s’ name. In ancient times we projected the qualities of these demons onto external idols that we worshipped as external deities. This ensured our mind was not contaminated by these concepts. When monotheism was introduced through religions that outlawed the worshipping of what were deemed ‘demonic’ and ‘false’ idols those demons were covertly installed as religious values and concepts using ‘religious’ beliefs. With the exception of the belief in God all beliefs that deny compassion are demonic.

Religion created concepts. If you indoctrinate a whole country into a single religion that religion controls all those who believe that their religious ‘identity’ is their whole identity. From this point forward the mind of a religious follower can be manipulated to do anything including ‘evil’. All that is needed to persuade the religious to take up arms is a devotion to God and Country existing within the concepts of ‘religion’ and ‘patriotism’. Those concepts are demons that control the believers. Faith is dependent upon whether or not any proposed truth is believed or not.

Any belief that is in conflict with any other belief creates conflict. That conflict can be within one mind or it can be within separate minds. It does not matter which belief we choose. In the moment we choose a belief that is in conflict with another belief we have two demons in conflict fighting for dominance within our mind. Demons do not care for the victim in whose mind they exist. The demon of ‘communism’ did not care how many died under the communist rulers who killed all those who refused to believe their party’s propaganda.

‘Communism’ and ‘propaganda’ are demons that have legions of other demons that exist within the mind in the form of supporting beliefs. Government is another demon that exists purely to create and sustain conflict. It did not matter to the demon that is ‘Government’ if Germany or the Allies won because the concept of Government was in total control. So what is destroyed with mankind’s allegiance to those concepts? We are! Our forefathers and all those before us who gave their allegiance to demonic beliefs were indirectly worshipping concepts represented by the word ‘Devil’.

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