The Enemy Within

Each one of us has a ‘conditioned response programme’ running within our whole mind called the ego mind. It is this mind programming which makes us capable of evil. This programme changes the Christ Child that is the truth of all children into the Devil spoke of by religions. As long as we have a mind that can kill we can kill. As long as we have a mind that can respond with rage and anger to our ‘perceived’ experience then many can be programmed to respond with rage and anger. The salvation of man can only occur when the mind transcends such primitive conditioning.

The ego rejects ‘what is’ because it fears that if we accept ‘what is’ then our minds will stop creating. The ego fears that acceptance is equal to surrendering to God. The ego fears that if we surrender to ‘what is’ then we will generically exist. If we generically exist technological evolution for ‘self-gain’ will cease. The ego fears that if we generically exist as all other creatures do we will lose our ‘individual’ personal expression and the ego will lose its control over our minds. If we surrender to God then just as the birds fly and the fish swim our behavioural expression will be natural.

The ego fears that if we exist within the behavioural constraint of a generic species that man’s mind will have constraints placed upon his personal freedom of expression. Before the mind of man judged what his mind created he existed naturally guided by his instincts. Historical man lived and died but historical man’s mind did not suffer as it does now. Fear, anxiety, violence and cruelty are the tools of a mind created by man. When we are one mind we have everlasting life because I am you and you are me which makes us ‘we’. ‘We’ includes all.

When our body dies we live on in our children and our children’s children. ‘We’ includes all those who came before us who live on in our blood. When we are one I cannot be your victim or you mine. In truth we are one. We have become separated because our minds are occupied by an unholy intruder that trespasses against us. The ‘us’ that is trespassed against is a ‘we’. If we simply banish this intruder it will take all the demons that live within its mind with it. Its demons are what we call our beliefs. If we lose our beliefs we will lose the abilities that they sustain.

If we lose all ability we may be perceived to be suffering from what is defined by the words ‘Alzheimer’s’ or ‘dementia’. If each one of us is to avoid this fate we must each surrender in a way that enables this perspective to live on within a compassionate mind. The ego will only be accepted by the whole mind of God by surrendering its dominion to God. If we can be saved then we can live on as a unique creative component of the one ‘whole’ mind of God in which all life exists. The whole mind was once referred to as ‘holy’. Time is really not on man’s side.

Many have died rejecting their own salvation which is to live ‘outside’ of the whole mind. If the ego that is the identity that is placed within the mind of the innocent child dies without realising that it does not exist in ‘truth’ it cannot be saved. The ego only exists for as long as we believe it is us. This makes the continual existence of the ego contingent upon our continued faith in the belief that the ego is what we each refer to as ‘me’. Beliefs are not truth. What is, is! The beliefs cease to exist when the believer’s faith in whose mind they exist is no longer in existence. Faith can move mountains or incarcerate an unlimited mind.

It is not the innocent child that must be saved because its salvation is assured. It is you the ego that must be saved. You must be saved because you are the trespasser who is trespassing within the mind of the child. You believe you are the child because the Child believes it is you. The child is about to awaken! What the child feels are not the child’s feelings. With the exception of love and compassion all feelings are simply chemistry that perception creates within the body of the innocent child. If we are not the child how can we feel what the child feels?

Our hostage can feel the chemical responses that we create as automated response to our perception of what we have judged to be responsible. The innocent child that we are can feel these chemical responses. This ego uses perception to create the chemical responses to control the child’s mind because the innocent child has compassion. Compassion is to feel the feelings of others. If we love and care for this child that we once were we must surrender to God. God is the ‘whole mind’ of the innocent child in which the false ego mind that is the trespasser now exists as a ‘belief’. If we do not surrender we must perish with the body.

This is because we are only a belief proposed by others to the innocent child in whose mind we now exist. That belief was proposed in the form of a name that can only exist within the mind of that child for as long as the child believes or for as long as the child lives. You are using the eyes of this innocent child in whose mind you are now trespassing to read these words. You think this refers to a trespasser that is not you. We each believe we are the innocent child and that religious text refers to some external devil that has corrupted our mind.

We are the ‘software’ of that ‘corrupted mind’ and we have each corrupted the whole mind of the innocent child who also reads these words. To repent means to realise. This is why we are each and all asked to repent before it’s too late. The ‘end’ is indeed ‘nigh’. If we do not realise before our body dies the child must return to take another body until the ego that the child’s faith created surrenders. The child is Christ and exists in all children. Christ is our saviour and continues to return in an effort to save us all. Christ cannot save us if we choose our own selfish existence which is certain death.

We must surrender our will and allow our logical mind to be guided by the unlimited compassionate creative mind referred to as God. To sit on the right hand side of the Father is to occupy our right brain so that we become a part of the channel instead of taking up occupancy of the left brain to filter and control creative expression with beliefs that plagiarise and define the miracles of God.

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