If we are not conscious of our consciousness how can we be conscious? Something is conscious of this perspective. The perspective that calls this something ‘me’ is not the whole of me. What if there is no life and the truth of us does not feel what our body feels? In emotional terms our perspective feels the chemicals it programmes itself to feel. Every emotional response is a perceptually induced neurochemical response that responds to our own self programming. Language represents a metaphorical binary code that we use to programme our own mind. The code is represented by letters which when combined create words.

When we assemble the words in a particular sequence or configuration we create what is commonly referred to as beliefs. Why install beliefs? If you install beliefs within the mind you control the mind. Before you can install beliefs you need a believer. The believer is also installed within the mind of the innocent child in the form of the given identity. The given identity is installed by domesticating the innocent child in the same way you domestic a dog, by calling it by a ‘given’ name. When believed the name replaces the child’s divinity with an identity which is the trespasser.

Our thoughts exist in response to our mind’s conditioning. Our mind is conditioned to believe. We perceive what we believe. Our perception defines our experiences. When describing our previous experiences we are describing what we perceived in those remembered moments. To gain access so that we can re-collect those remembered experiences they must be ‘stored’ somewhere within the mind. The method used to communicate what is stored in our memory is to use or think about the words we used to define the original experience which gives our awareness access to a multidimensional code. The language used as the medium to communicate that code is the written or spoken word.

If there was a context in which ‘good’ and ‘bad’ exist in truth it is our ‘true’ feelings. If I place my hand into a flame and feel pain it feels bad. After judging my feelings this way I programme the way my mind perceives flames. Where I said the flames were good because they keep me warm now I say they are bad because they can burn and hurt me. This creates conflicting beliefs which are contextually true. Where appropriate we programme our mind with conflicting meanings. In order to remember to avoid a painful experience our mind stores our experience as metaphorical software comprised of a metaphorical code.

That code is ‘language’ and the software is our ‘beliefs’. So I believe that flames are ‘bad’ or ‘dangerous’. My belief (not truth) is founded upon the truth of how I felt when I touched the flame. Memory is a folder within the mind where we keep all of our experiences. That folder does not contain the truth but merely our perception of all of our experiences. Without access to that folder we can’t remember what we did or how we did it. Memory is a portal within the mind that allows us to access past experiences. Memories are stored information and chemical resources which may come in useful if we encounter the same or similar experiences.

My beliefs say I will feel bad if I put my hand into a naked flame. My programming is influenced by memories that ensure I avoid a repetition of painful experiences. Pain is one of the greatest and most effective teachers. We created fear to avoid pain without the wisdom to understand the effect of installing the software that created fear. Pain created belief and belief created a prescription to inform our brain which neurochemical signals were required to protect us. The chemical signal is what we currently define as fear. Out of compassion parents taught their children to fear what would cause pain, injury or death. These ‘perceptually induced neurochemical responses’ were exploited by authorities to generate fear to control believers.

The authorities of the world control our children by creating a code that exists in the form of language. The code permits the programmer to install software (beliefs) that is admitted into our mind by our faith that those beliefs are ‘true’. Once installed beliefs control the behaviour of the whole of mankind. Our beliefs programme our mind in order to conceal or prevent any greater understanding. When imprinted within the mind this software (beliefs) creates thoughts within the mind. These thoughts create chemical responses within the body that we call feelings. We fear what will trigger the chemical responses we define as pain and suffering. Since we discovered the ability to control others we began placing this code within their minds.

Our beliefs control us. If we name our children, they will control our children and our children’s children. Like the keys of the keyboard that create this text our eyes are not aware of the code that is represented by each letter. A code must exist before the letter can appear on the screen. The medium that represents the code is the keys on the keyboard. With each press of a key on the keyboard we are programming the computer to respond. Each time we press the letter represented by the character ‘P’ we are really installing a code represented by the number ‘1010000’.

Our beliefs represent the code that has programmed our mind to control our thoughts and feelings. We can only believe what we do not know because when we know we have no need of beliefs because ‘we know’.

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