Without experience we do not know if what we believe is even true. With experience we know what we know by what we experience. With experience we know how we feel. Even if we don’t know what to do and have no ability in terms of ‘how’ history shows that we can do anything. As a potential employee without life experience we have little to offer an employer. A school or college leaver with an education is merely someone with a particular set of prejudices existing as academic knowledge. Literacy programmes each individual with ‘contemporary’ language.

It is the vocabulary of the individual and not their qualifications which determines their perceived intelligence. An outgoing personality with an open mind and a comprehensive vocabulary is all that is needed to acquire a materially successful life. In a business that functions in fixed and limited terms such as manufacturing a brilliant mind will be considered surplus to the requirements of that business. An independent thinker is therefore not a trait that is useful for a trained ‘employee’. The objective of recruitment is to find individuals who are a functional match.

The objective of education is to create a generically conditioned mind. The conditioning of the child’s mind is sustained by developing a fixed belief system. The beliefs create the contemplative parameters within the mind of the believer. So education creates a limited operating system (mind). This operating system is installed by developing a code. The code is embedded within ‘words’. Words control how the mind thinks, dreams, communicates and understands. Intelligence is inherent within the mind of each child but language is not. Language must be acquired.

Once the code is installed it controls the mind. The mind can then be adapted and developed by the installation of ‘software’. That software is the beliefs. Whether ‘functional’, ‘creative’ or ‘destructive’ the software that is installed will determine an individual’s behavioural expression. The code that controls the mind is language. More specifically words. The minds of all those whose consciousness is controlled by language are incarcerated and controlled by that language. The way language incarcerates each mind is determined by the software that is installed.

There are various software applications than can control any one mind at any one time. The software exists as the individual beliefs that we each worship as our individual truth. A personal belief may or may not be shared by others. The more comprehensive a vocabulary an individual has the more software that can be loaded. The limit of our vocabulary will create the constraints upon our minds ability to understand. Any word that exceeds our vocabulary cannot be understood and can have no effect upon our mind’s software. Our existing software is our belief system.

There are many conceptual hypotheses now being developed to produce new software. In the past these operating systems were installed using concepts such as ‘patriotism’, ‘religion’, ‘politics’, ‘economics’, ‘law’, ‘media’, ‘entertainment’ and ‘education’. Corporations manipulate the beliefs of others through marketing. Marketing seeks to replace, change or adapt existing beliefs by making claims about a product or service. Marketers use narratives that contain words such as love, honesty, integrity, reliability, worth, value, and competitive.

Marketing embeds words within the narrative to incorporate concepts that we have been educated to value. This is intended to create an unconscious association between the product or service and the concept. Marketing makes reference to concepts in order to create the perception in the mind of the consumer that the product and the concepts are synonymous. If we have devotion to a value, concept or religious belief we believe is inherent in a product we will want it or buy it. This is creating a world where perceived personal need, greed and selfishness determine what is in demand.

Our beliefs are both prescriptive and restrictive upon our peace of mind. The higher the mark in a school exam, the more conditioned the child’s mind is. The more conditioned our mind becomes the less we are capable of individually expressing our creativity. If the software is primitive the child will be perceived to be less intelligent in the context of their educational achievements. The purpose of education is to sustain the systemic paradigm in which mankind is now trapped. Numeracy and literacy do not create constraints upon our personal expression and ‘creativity’.

It is the individual beliefs we acquire that create constraints within our mind. The beliefs are the software of the mind. In truth we can only believe what we do not know. We either know or we do not. My truth is not your truth. What tastes good to me may not taste good for you. Education attempts to ensure that each individual is limited in their freedom of personal expression. This is done to ensure that individual personal expression does not exceed the existential parameters of the code that defines perceived ‘reality’. That code is embedded in the words of language.

If we look at the different races, religions and cultures there appears to be variety and diversity. Globalisation and democracy is intent on ensuring that the whole of humanity is trapped within their specific application of the code of language. We have the individual freedom to withdraw our faith in ‘personal’ beliefs. A belief cannot exist outside of the parameters of the code but we can! Educational authorities use the curriculum to control the creative expression of the children who reside within their jurisdiction by replacing truth with perception. Perception is a projection.

KJV, Matthew 18:3 “And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.”

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