Money was created by man not God. Money does not exist without idolatry. Like all objects of idolatry money only has the power over us that we give it. Money is what we defined it be. Before the earth was defined to be round it was defined to be flat. Before we believed in ‘one’ God we believed in many. For mankind money is the ‘highest God’. Any religion that asks for money is ‘worshipping’ money not God. Religions that seek payment in God’s name are misrepresenting God. Any religion that ‘compensates’ the loss of a life denies God to worship money.

Man will lie, cheat, steal and kill for money. People will marry for money. People will divorce for money. Man will enslave others into debt for money. Whole countries are now being exploited for money. Money is what must be given to get what can only be obtained by money. Money is only worth what we believe it is worth. If we ‘all’ withdraw our faith in the worth of a currency it is worthless. What would happen if we freely gave what we now only give in return for money? If we stopped giving in return for money, money would lose its power over us.

The power that money has over us and others is equal to our faith in it. So what is money? Money is a ‘universal’ spell that has entranced the minds and incarcerated the hearts of mankind. Money was a promise created to obtain our servitude when we lost our fear of our owners. When free our owners had no control so they created money and ‘taxes’ called a ‘burden’. If taxes were not paid all possessions were taken. How could a man be compassionate or charitable when he had barely enough for himself? If we must work all day to pay our ‘tax burden’ we cannot help others for free.

Why can others not help you? Most of mankind are little more than slaves. My labour is not mine to give. Slavery using complete ownership is now gone but each person must pay to live. Housing, food, shelter and medicine cost money. Housing, food and shelter is earned at the cost of each individual’s ‘time’ and ‘energy’. All our thoughts, efforts and ‘sacrifices’ expended with our ‘life energy’ are given to idolise money. Money is an idol of Satan. If we must pay to live then we must obtain money in order to live. We are the only thing of value so we sell ourselves to get money.

Satan is a very clever Demon! We have lost our awareness of our compassion. Many now love money. Without money a life can be very difficult. This is because if nobody will help anybody else without payment then money is the God of man. It is a powerful God that can build cities, armies, weapons and economies which provide material comforts to those who have enough money to pay. KJV, Timothy 6:10, “For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.”

Money is one of the disguises worn by the great tempter of mankind. How many prisons have prisoners who ‘stole’ money? How may prisons have those who stole property to sell for money to buy drugs? How many sell their body for money? How many enslave others forcing them to sell their body for money? In our devotion to the God of money we will beg, steal, borrow and murder. There are many who say they believe in God but worship his adversary Satan. Money is a convenient word much better than its predecessor, Satan! The great tempter!

Each time we deny another we deny ourselves. KJV, Matthew 5:41 “And whoever compels you to go one mile, go with him two.” The more we help others the more we help ourselves. When we deny others the emptier we become. We cannot replace what can only come from compassion with money or what we buy with that money. The larger our bank balance the more of a prisoner we become. The prisoner is the possessor of money who has not realised that it possesses him. A financial decision is not a compassionate decision.

We condemned Satan so Satan needed new legions. Money is assisted by another demon. The other demon is greed. Greed is a concept that describes a devotion to our self at the expense of others. A loss of wealth is seen as a failure by those who love money. As any financial crash will testify when money abandons those who ‘love’ it their spiritual emptiness becomes apparent. Those who live in the poorest communities in the world are among the happiest. The love of money intoxicates the mind with an object of worship that can never return that love.

The only thing that can return love is another person or creature. In our devotion to money we can commit horrific acts. We continually leak vital life energy when we love money because it can never return our love. The energetic flow of a charitable act is always rewarded with the energetic response of ‘gratitude’. Gratitude is a small word but it is an expression of love. The gratitude of another is more valuable than any payment that can be made. The compassion you show for others is the love you have for yourself. If you are grateful to others you both benefit.

If we have friendship we are ‘rich’ indeed. The amount of love and gratitude is what will be measured on the day of our judgement. If we have been selfish our account will be full. If we have been compassionate our account may also be full. So what is measured? What is measured is the cost to the lives of others that was paid for our choices. Compassion is the feelings of others. We reap what we sow. We are the life that keeps returning to take another body until such times as we realise that we cannot add to what is complete. The day of judgement refers to the measuring of our heart.

We cannot see in another what is not in us. It is not possible to recognise what is in another if it does not exist within us as a ‘definition’ that our minds have been educated to worship as truth. Satan is a trickster! To witness a murder we must first know what a ‘murder’ is.  So our minds are programmed through education with this word which is how the mind of a murderer is first programmed. The words may differ but when asked why we did what we did, if our testimony is truthful, we reveal the programming that contaminated our mind to permit us to act this way.

Our ‘word’s’ judgement of ourselves and others is what creates the neurochemical responses in our body. Those chemical responses are currently defined as feelings. The violent rage is therefore the chemical effect upon the mind and body caused by how our programming perceives our experiences. Our minds are possessed by programming that exists in the form of ‘words’ that are trespassing within our mind to control our ‘feelings’. Money is a demon that bribes and coerces our victims. The budget and the economy are false idols sustained by sacrifices of ‘money’ and ‘taxes’.

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