The Second Coming

Each and every child is a child of God. Each new born child is Christ. The Child’s birth is the first coming. When the child is born it is trespassed against and replaced with an identity. The identity cannot be accepted by the child’s mind until the child ‘believes’ that it is what it is told it is. When the child’s mind is conditioned to respond to its given name its mind can be programmed. Beliefs create parameters within the mind to constrain the mind’s creative expression. The original sin is to accept the word of another as truth which replaces instinct with ‘choice’ based upon judgement.

The sins of the father visited upon the children of God is the passing of the identity from the parent to their child. The given name is what the child believes is its own identity because the witness to this sin is its own parents. A child is not their given identity which their mind is conditioned to worship. A child is not Christian, Jew, Muslim, American, Arab, African or European. Everything man has created takes us away from the realisation of the truth of us. This is done by creating conceptual ‘values’ and ‘archetypes’ that children are compared to and controlled by.

Conceptual values are promoted by hypocrites existing as political and religious leaders who claim to possess the qualities defined by those concepts. No man is better than another. Each one of us is a living expression of the mind of God. If we treated each other as equals imagine how we would exist. The second coming refers to Christ, not Jesus. The ‘name’ Jesus was not unique. ‘Jesus’ was Christ. Regardless of the given name we are all Christ. Christ was the truth of Jesus not his name. We are all ‘Christ’. We are what we have been waiting for.

The second coming refers to each one of us. We are not the identity whose name appears on our birth certificate, driving licence or passport. Our ‘first coming’ refers to our ‘birth’. We are the Lamb of God who was greeted by a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’. This sheep is the mother of the lamb. Our mother is innocent because she was trespassed against and possessed by a ‘wolf’. The wolf is the identity that is a ‘spiritual predator’ that ‘trespasses’ within the mind of each child. The prey of the wolf is the life of the lamb. We first came in the moment we were born.

We were then rejected and replaced with what our parent’s thought we should be. This was represented by the name of a false witness that even now trespasses within our mind occupying our rightful place. It is this witness on our perspective that is unhappy, anxious, judgemental and angry. We are none of these things. When we believe we are what we are not we conform to what the word ‘hypnotised’ attempts to define. From this point forward our perspective is filtered through the beliefs of this false witness that uses ‘beliefs’ to decide what is and what is not.

If we awaken from this trance that sustains the ‘illusion’ the child we once were is ‘born again’. This is the true meaning of the ‘second coming’. The Christ called Jesus is our saviour because he reflected the Christ in us. We are Christ one and all. Christ was the second coming that saved Jesus. The innocent child that was called Jesus was the ‘first coming’. Christ was not a Jew. Christ was a unique expression of the mind of God. We are each and all the ‘Christ Child’ when we are born. A new born child is without sin. Sin is what is now represented by the word ‘belief’.

We are each God’s perspective on our unique experience. We are therefore God’s witness. To define what God created is ‘to bear false witness’. The word that is the name is used to incarcerate the minds of the ‘children of God’ within an identity. We are only incarcerated within the trance until we realise that we cannot be our given name because we are what was named. In the moment we realise ‘we awaken’. When we awaken we are born again which is the second coming. This is the second coming of the whole truth. We are the saviour that we have been waiting for.

Ephesians 5:14 “Awake, O sleeper, and arise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.”

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