Genie in the Lamp

We are each an omnipotent Genie for whom all things are possible. There is just one thing that prevents us from using our power to make all of our dreams come true. Someone has put a spell on us to trap us within a metaphorical lamp. We are omnipotent and unlimited. But we are powerless whilst we are trapped within the lamp. How did we each end up in a lamp? We were told we were less than what we are. This is why some of us believe that we ‘need’ and ‘want’. When we believed we were limited we became trapped within a perspective that is represented by the metaphorical lamp.

We forgot that the faith that created the lamp continues because we think that we are the lamp. The lamp is a metaphor for the mind of the given identity. We are the genie in the lamp. We are creating the reality our mind perceives. We feel powerless to experience a reality beyond the limited reality that exists within our mind. If God created the world in his own imagination then it is imagination that is its source. If one of us realised that what we collectively believe would influence what we thought and imagined would we still continue to believe what we believe?

Perception seeks to replace what exists in truth with what the dictionary defines it to be. So when we see what our educated mind has been trained to recognise our mind is the false witness that confirms what we have been ‘educated’ to see. This reinforces the belief within our mind. The walls of our lamp are reflecting a reality which is only real within the lamp. The lamp is a metaphor for perception. So if the word ‘tree’ replaces what is represented by that word we become blind to any other possibility when exposed to what the dictionary defines to be a tree.

Why educate? We are collectively creating what we perceive to be reality, including the sun, the moon and the stars. As long as our minds see what is reflected by our perception it will continue to exist for us. If we stop worshipping the metaphorical demons that exist as our beliefs we will ‘awaken’ to our divinity and heaven will reign upon earth. In sport and science there have been experiments carried out on athletes who visualise themselves participating in their sport. The same areas of the brain are detected to be active when visualising the activity that are active when engaged in the activity.

This has led to the hypothesis that the ‘brain’ cannot discern physical reality from imagined reality. This is because the brain is hardware with no ‘self awareness’. This is evident from those who suffer from what is termed a ‘phobia’. The power of the mind is sometimes at its strongest when thinking about what may happen.  Thinking about risks or what may or could happen creates chemical reactions within the body which manifest as anxiety and fear that can inhibit behaviour. If we are trapped within the lamp this means that we are not the lamp. The identity is the lamp. The identity is a perspective within which the whole of mankind is now trapped.

The only way we can be freed from our incarceration within this metaphorical lamp is to realise that the lamp does not exist ‘in truth’. The lamp is a metaphor for the mind of the identity. The identity only exists for as long as we believe it is us. We are the light. We are not the lamp. The ego mind that is represented by a metaphorical lamp is constructed of beliefs. Our identity is who we each believe we are. We are trapped within an existential paradigm. This existential paradigm is the paradigm of the perspective. ‘In truth’ we are the omnipotent genie written about in fairy tales and folklore. This makes us unlimited.

We were each tricked to believe we were what and who ‘others’ told us. When we believed we were our ‘given identity’ we exchanged places with what the metaphorical lamp represents. What does the metaphorical lamp represent? The lamp is the identity that represents each one of us. Like someone who is hypnotised on a stage we play our part fully. We are consciousness and we accept what is. We were tricked to accept that we were who we were told we were. Being acceptance and without judgement we could not have evolved our technologies.

We accepted what we were told because children believe when they are told to ‘believe’. In truth our whole mind is what we refer to as God.  This makes each one of us God’s perspective on our individual experience. God does not see or understand our beliefs because they exist as subjective perception that seeks to define what is to be what it is defined to be. Unlimited creative expression flows through each one of us. Unlimited creative expression can only be constrained by our beliefs. Any belief that we hold in our mind about anything takes the place of God.

This is because if my perspective defines what exists in my vision to be a ‘tree’ then it is a tree. Once the lamp in which we are trapped defines our reality we look outside of the lamp but we can only see what has been defined by the filters that are the walls of the lamp. We worship our beliefs as truth. Some of us will die for our beliefs. Some of us believe we should kill each other in the name of these false Gods. It is because we each think we are the whole of us that we don’t realise that there is something missing. What is missing is the ‘truth’ of us.

So we have this sense of being incomplete in some way and begin to design our self to our own image. We work to get the image, the friends, the clothes, the qualifications, the connections, the job, the business, etc. We do this because we have not realised that what we look for cannot be found in those things. What we really need is ‘us’. We can only be found if we look within.  If this is true how could we have lost our way? We were each given free will and if we choose to worship unhappiness, judgement and suffering then so be it.

The consciousness that we are in truth does not judge but it does ‘witness’. God continually gives us ideas so that each one of us will realise and choose to surrender to our whole self. Our whole self is our own creator. Our own true God and creator is the omnipotent innocent child in whose mind we now exist as a ‘trespasser’ in the form of the ego. Paradoxically the child is trapped within us. We are the metaphorical lamp. The lamp is the perspective that is the mind of the identity which holds all our beliefs so our truth has been usurped by our beliefs.

What is, is whether we believe or whether we do not. The child is what is represented by the metaphorical genie. We are each the child. Our existence is experienced vicariously through the perspective of the ego mind. The ego mind is represented by a metaphorical lamp. Like the genie the innocent child serves and is incarcerated within the limitations of the walls of the lamp. The walls are constructed of beliefs. The child, not realising it is more powerful than its perceived limitations, looks outside of its perceived self for salvation. Our jailors are our beliefs.

The lamp is a representation of the mind of the identity in which all beliefs are held. Our cumulative beliefs can hold us more powerfully than any whips or chains. The lamp ensures that we only see what is reflected by the internal walls of the lamp. This means we can only see what our beliefs have defined to be real. We cannot see beyond the walls of our lamp until we stop worshipping the lamp as real. The lamp is all of the beliefs our mind collectively uses to sustain what we define to be ‘reality’. The lamp is a metaphorical representation of the educated mind of an identity. The lamp is constructed of our own beliefs.

It does not matter what is seen beyond the lamp because everything is filtered by the walls of the lamp. The walls of the lamp are perception which filters vision to ensure that everything that is seen is replaced by what it is believed to be. We are looking for our salvation in ‘success’, ‘wealth’, ‘relationships’, ‘war’, ‘crime’ and ‘fame’. We have made the things we pursue our saviours. If we achieve what we are seeking we ‘unconsciously’ think it will free us from the lamp. So if we have a belief that we are not good enough because we are not smart enough we may work to get qualifications.

When we get qualifications we remove the belief ‘I’m not smart enough’. But we have replaced the belief ‘I’m not smart enough’ with another belief that ‘I am smart enough’. What we define as reality is a reflection that is distorted by the walls of our lamp. What we believe we see is not what is there to be seen. We are blind to our truth. We created a perspective. We have used the feelings of our body to guide us in this dream of life. One day our perspective realised that if it judged what it experienced the feelings would no longer respond to the experience but to our own judgement.

This was the birth of ‘perception’. So when we re-experienced what our perspective had pre-judged we could not see anything but our own prejudices. So our creation created judgemental beliefs to control how we feel and our perspective was imprisoned by our own perception. We are the feeling. Our judgement associated ‘good’ and ‘bad’ feelings with our experiences to ensure that we avoided what we did not want to feel and would actively re-experience what we did. It is through the mind’s association with some experiences that we became addicted.

Our perception gave our beliefs control over us. Excluding accident, illness or injury all bad feelings are the effect of our own judgement. This judgement enslaves our minds and bodies because we are the feeling that is ‘life’. Our body’s mind enabled the body’s perspective to evolve. Once we created beliefs, our beliefs decided what we were experiencing. Our ego’s perception had the power to create a fearful response to anything. This is because the beliefs are within our identity’s mind and our identity’s mind is trespassing within our whole mind.

The perspective’s belief in its given name is our first and only belief. When believed the ‘name’ takes the place of our perspective. This means we believe it is the whole mind. It is not. It is not our whole mind because if it was we could not have evolved beyond the limits of ‘historical beliefs’. If this were true we would still be living as we did thousands of years ago. When we believed we were our own creation we fell from grace and became trapped within a perspective limited by its perception. This is because we ‘believed’ in our creation not realising that our beliefs were not true.

The perspective we are now trapped within is like a folder on a computer’s hard drive. This folder contains many conceptual and contextual sub-folders, full of files which are made up of our ego mind’s beliefs. We had to create beliefs because, having no judgement or objection, the truth of us would not have judged ‘what is’ to be ‘less than what it should be’. Without judging our experiences we would not have defined a tree to be the ‘material’ we later defined to be wood which we then used to make what we defined to be a ‘wheel’.

Without a perceived need we would not have used our omnipotent power to turn earth into metal. Our ego (lamp) created the concept of problem and our whole mind (genie) created the solutions. Our omnipotence is limited only by our own perception. Looking through the filters of our perception allows perception to distort what exists in truth. It is only by distorting what exists into less than what it could or should be that we can generate creative ideas. It is creative ideas that have enabled fields of study and industries to evolve.

Universal perception exists as beliefs categorised by concepts and contexts which require our faith in them to exist within our mind. If ‘this’ was not judged to be less than ‘that’ we would not have changed it. This is why the genie says release me and I will make all your dreams come true. This is true because we are the genie. The whole mind is unlimited. The ego acts as a perspective in which our creative potential is now trapped. In order to judge this to be less than that we required a ‘conceptual criteria’ which created ‘good’, implying ‘bad’.

Without criteria we could not compare and judge. Without judgement the genie would have been content, needing and wanting nothing. Without the conceptual criteria for judgement we would have existed and evolved as the birds, fishes and insects do. When the first of us decided that ‘this’ should really be ‘that’ then ‘that’ became what was of value and ‘this’ became of less value. ‘This’ and ‘that’ became ‘good’ and ‘bad’. In our insane minds we decided ‘this’ should really be ‘that’ not realising that ‘good’ and ‘bad’ were not real but merely concepts.

Concepts cannot exist without our faith in them. The worshipping of concepts in the form of personal beliefs has continued to develop through personal experience and hypothesis. The growth of our belief systems has only made the material of which the lamp is constructed stronger. We are that genie and the lamp that incarcerates our unlimited potential is our beliefs. The evolution of beliefs is what led to the development of knowledge. Archaeological investigation provides evidence of the creative evolutionary effect of changes to our beliefs.

The beliefs in some contexts can be considered educational. However, by comparison with what is defined to be ‘past’ and ‘present’, all beliefs sustain constraints. The evolution of belief systems had a direct affect upon our technological creations. This is because it is only the beliefs we worship as truth than can inhibit or constrain our creative expression. The constraint of the belief is the parameter of belief. ‘I can’t’ is implied for all but what our beliefs say ‘we can’ do.  We are as powerful and creative as the omnipotent metaphorical Genie for whom all things are possible.

We have imprisoned our self within a metaphorical lamp. The substance or material from which the lamp is constructed is formed exclusively of our own beliefs. We believe ‘we can’ and we can. We cannot do what we believe we cannot do without difficulty. Albert Einstein is held by mankind to be an archetypal genius. Homer Simpson, whilst fictional, is held by some to be an archetypal imbecile. If the minds of Einstein and Simpson were separate folders in a computer what would happen if we swapped all the beliefs in each folder.

If we could do this simply by using the cut and paste function to swap the beliefs of Einstein and Homer what would be the result? Would Simpson still be considered an imbecile? Would Einstein still be considered a genius? If, after the swap, Einstein and Homer sat an exam it would not be possible for either to sustain the individual perception they each had before the swap. The results would ensure that our previous perception of Einstein as the genius and Homer as the imbecile would be reversed. We are each and all what is represented by the word genius. We are not our beliefs.

What this means is that ‘in truth’ we are without limitation. We cannot experience our divine inheritance whilst we worship our beliefs as truth.

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