A Conditioned Mind is Blind

Do we actually see anything? Is everything we see a hallucination? If what we all perceive and define to be reality is not real then why do we all see the same thing? To control what all minds see would require a form of ‘global mind control’. Our minds are collectively projecting what we perceive to be reality. This is true. What one country perceives to be a tree, another country may perceive to be a شجرة, arbre, 樹, etc. These words are used to limit what is perceived to exist in reality to the constraints of the word’s etymological definition.

Reality is merely a projection of our mind that is sustained by collective perception. If the perception of the masses creates and sustains what is perceived to be reality then we have the power to change that reality. We have the power to change our reality merely by changing our perception of it. Research seeks to change our understanding of what we perceive. Some foods are held to be good for us by the results of one research group only to be held to be bad for us by the research of another. How do we all know when and what ‘word’ to project in order to sustain our perceived reality?

How do we know a ‘dog’ is a ‘dog’? The way to sustain what is commonly perceived to be reality is to condition the minds of our children. ‘Suffer the little children’. The conditioning of the minds of children is done en masse by instilling universal beliefs within the mind of each child. The mind is conditioned with universal beliefs by educators who use various mediums. Those mediums of influence and mind control exist as family, community, education, religion, media, sport and entertainment. The objective of these mediums is to condition the mind. Why condition the mind?

As Pavlov demonstrated, if you can condition a mind, you can control it. A school can be likened to a factory’s production line. If you condition each child’s mind to have limited understanding, its perception will be limited to that understanding. This ensures fairly consistent but limited understanding. If a child’s behaviour can be conditioned its behaviour is more easily controlled. Some perceive us to be products of our environment. More accurately, we are products of our conditioning. A mind must first recognise the stimulus before it can create a stimulus response.

In order to recognise the stimulus, the criteria that defines the ‘tree’ or ‘dog’ or ‘cat’ must be installed within the mind. If I don’t know what I am seeing I cannot recognise it. So if we don’t know our enemy, we may greet them and we may share a meal together and say our goodbyes not realising that we are living in peace with our enemy. What a mistake that would be! We have no enemy. We are one. There were no countries, nationalities, religions or foreign people until our judgement created them.

They were created out of greed, ignorance and selfishness. Enemies are merely victims of the same disease that is equally affecting their separate minds. Children show us this disease when we break up a fight and each point at the other saying ‘it is his fault’ or ‘he started it’. Many who are born in Israel and Palestine are educated to perceive each other in certain contexts. It is only the conditioning of a mind that has not forgiven that can sustain a conflict with ‘what is’. If what is perceived to be our enemy ‘exists’, then we are in conflict with ‘what is’.

A mind must first be conditioned to recognise the enemy if it is to consistently respond to the stimulus that is defined by their own beliefs as the enemy. Is it not surprising how each army ‘agrees’ to wear a different uniform? Without the uniform our sight could not perceive our enemies. What if we could no longer perceive our enemies? Could enemies continue to ‘exist’ if we all existed as one? What if we stopped conditioning the minds of our children to believe in such concepts? It is not possible to recognise an enemy if we cannot recognise an enemy.

We can only consistently respond en masse to stimulus that has been ‘universally defined’. Isn’t it questionable how each army would agree to wear different and clearly recognisable and easily targeted uniforms? This compliance reveals that at some level we know we are not different or separate, but the uniform allows us to obediently ‘play our parts’. Why would any mind agree to ‘rules’ of war? This is a form of ‘mass mind control’. It is almost as if a game was being played using the geographical real estate and the lives of soldiers as the stakes.

The soldiers and land are the stakes and the uniforms are like the suits in a pack of cards. Essentially each card of the same rank has the same value but some of the ranks of uniforms represent more power or value. Unless we understand the concept of law we cannot recognise the law. If we did not recognise the law or government then we could not be controlled by the laws of government. So we are educated to believe that it is wrong to do what is ‘against’ the law. If we do not believe in the law or we have conflicting beliefs we may choose to go against the law.

When a mind exists that has not been properly conditioned to control their behaviour, their behaviour may exceed the behaviour that is permitted by law. In this case, they may be defined and perceived to conform to the concept defined by the word ‘criminal’. In cases where the programming does not control the mind and body, bodily incarceration is used to control any individual whose mind is perceived by their behaviour to reveal faulty programming. Rather than admit to this the body’s ‘criminal’ behaviour is isolated to be the cause of authority’s decision to incarcerate the body. Our unique programming is revealed by the beliefs that each one of us will use to define the ‘self’.

Programming children with beliefs is what keeps those children existing within a mental abode. This abode is the ‘mind’. The beliefs control the mind. Universal beliefs are a form of mind control. A common effect of the programming of any mind is the denial of compassion. If a belief has been installed that denies compassion then compassion will be denied. Common symptoms of a belief system that denies compassion is ‘sickness’, ‘crime’, ‘violence’, ‘war’ and ‘mental illness’. These symptoms are created and sustained by governments.

Problems are sustained by governments to maintain industries that generate tax revenue from the systemic solutions that government apply to those problems. Governments provide commercial opportunities for industry to stimulate the economy to generate corporate and income tax revenue. If the governments had a motto it would be, ‘long live crime and violence and war and famine’. Many economies could not survive without the revenues to and from the industries involved in medicine, fossil fuels, illegal drugs, prisons, peace keeping and arms production.

How many movies contain scenes of ‘sex’ and ‘violence’? How many computer games contain scenes of sex and violence? How many songs refer to sex and violence? How many neighbourhoods that were not violent became violent? In what years were quantifiable increases in crimes of sex and violence detected? How many riots are reactions to the news? How many violent neighbourhoods watch violent movies? How many of us drive cars that run on fossil fuel. How many of us heat or power our houses with technology that runs on fossil fuel?

How much music is about ‘shooting’, ‘having sex’ and ‘getting paid’? How many of the world’s children are playing violent computer games? These mediums of ‘mass consumerism’ are conditioning minds to sustain systemic paradigms. The governments of those systemic paradigms must create education, terrorism, crime, punishment, employment, unemployment, to justify their funding of prisons, arms, the police and foreign policy. Why? We exist like this because we have no alternative. We have no alternative because we have conditioned the minds of our children.

A conditioned mind is not a creative mind. A conditioned mind is a reactive mind. Education exists merely to produce a product that is versatile enough to adapt to limited situations. It is not in the interests of any government to change our paradigm. Governments have created problems merely to justify legislation. The freedoms given to each one of us by government ensure that each body has limited freedom to exist. The objective of all communication is to control the perception of the recipient. The target audience or demographic of the media is the ‘target mind’.

Why target the mind? You target the mind so that you can condition the mind. Why condition the mind? When you condition the mind, you control it.

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