Surrender Choice

When we truly forgive others we prevent enmity from taking root. Our mind is fertile soil in which anything can grow. Within our mind we can worship limitations. We can create a multitude of beliefs to explain why we can’t achieve what we say we would like to achieve. When we create beliefs within in our mind in the context of ‘I can’t’ we sacrifice our life to this judgement. Our beliefs are the cause of our unhappiness, loneliness, anger, resentment, self-pity, blame and guilt. Our beliefs are false Gods. If we are not happy then what good are our beliefs to us?

If our life is fulfilling and we are happy we would not seek temporary leave from our state of mind through the vehicles of food, drink and drugs. If we must use stimulants to feel better we cannot be happy. When we achieve what is represented by the word ‘happy’ we no longer need our addiction to feelings that can only be obtained through alcohol and drugs. Man judges his existence and his feelings respond to that judgement. Judgement conceals the ‘truth’ that we are happy. We are happy in all of the moments we do not judge. We do not need to take drugs to experience happiness.

To redirect the energy of the fertile soil of the mind that creates and sustains our current state of mind we just need to stop using it to nourish disempowering beliefs. If we remove our faith in our beliefs the power of our mind no longer provides nourishment to them. We remove our faith in our beliefs by forgiving all those things our beliefs hold as the cause for what we feel. Happiness is a word that attempts to represents the body’s natural chemistry. The more we give the more we have which is the real meaning of forgiveness. We increase our joy and happiness by sharing it.

This is why it is better to give than to receive. When we realise our self whole we cannot be improved upon. Our joy can only be improved upon if it is shared with others. The more we give the more we receive. We can never be fulfilled by food whilst others are starving. This is why we have obesity. We are using food to fill the void created when we lose awareness of our compassion. Compassion means we feel what others feel. It is because our greed and selfishness causes people to suffer that we feel bad. To deny the compassionate feelings caused by the starvation of others we eat more. To deny the truth of our self-deception we become addicted to stimulus that changes how we feel.

The cause of obesity is not greed it’s abandonment of the true self. We deny our self to worship an archetype that we create. The archetype is the ego identity that pursues the happiness that it defines. Choice comes from rejecting what is. Those who ‘seek’ happiness can never be happy. They can never be happy because their beliefs contaminated flowers with weeds in the Garden of Eden. The Garden of Eden is the whole mind. The ego mind worships beliefs disguised as knowledge. Knowledge is not truth. We feel peace by accepting what is. Happiness is an absence of choice and judgement.

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