Any proposed truth (Prana) which is in conflict with the beliefs that guard the first seal must be rejected because the dominion of our beliefs cannot survive if we accept a greater truth. Our beliefs are preventing any greater truth from entering our mind. If a greater truth does not bow to the will of my beliefs then it will be prevented from penetrating the lower seals that are locked by those beliefs. The last ‘seventh’ seal can be locked by the blocking of the Prana from entering through the first seal giving the impression of what medicine and psychology refer to as ‘impotence’.

What can lock the seventh seal is any belief that controls how we feel. The Prana comes in through the first seal but if it is held there it cannot flow down to the lower seals. The beliefs are the gate keepers. These beliefs can use the Prana to perversely control the feelings to serve fearful and uncompassionate beliefs. We are incarcerated within the seals which are locked in order to prevent our physical, spiritual, creative and sexual freedom. So these blockages create perversions of the mind that can interfere with, influence and distort our motives and sexual expression.

Undo the seals and we are free to live naturally. The first seal is blocked but not closed by conditioning the mind to respond to a noise. This created slavery of the body and the mind. The first seal remained blocked after the body was set free. It is the gatekeepers within the first seal (mind) which prevent union with God. The first seal remains blocked by conditioning the mind of the children to respond to their given name. The naming of the children ensures that the seals are controlled. The first seal remains open but when the child responds to its given name, the seal is controlled by that name that diverts the Prana away from the other seals using beliefs as the commands.

The noise is like a remote control. This remote control was the name which is what we each refer to as our individual identity. The identity blocks the ‘believer’ from access to the whole mind which is the source of unlimited wisdom. The mind is separated by creating a believer who is isolated by programming the believer’s mind with beliefs that deny compassion. When programmed we exist as little more than a caged animal whose natural expression is suppressed and manipulated by our personal beliefs. The suppression of our compassion allows the mind to be conditioned to attack, rape, torture and kill. The first seal or chakra can be blocked but it cannot be fully closed.

The first seal cannot be fully closed because being the source of our life energy we would die if it was closed. The first seal was not left open for our survival. The first seal was left open because of the greed of demonic parasites existing as our beliefs. The first seal is guarded by demons that prevent ‘ideas’ from being realised. Ideas would usurp the power of the ‘beliefs’ that sustain our fears. The demons are the beliefs that the mind of the ‘identity’ sustain through education and religious indoctrination. To free the prisoners of the mind, God sent messages that did not conflict with the beliefs.

Religions were created to try to control this beast that controlled the first seal in an effort to protect God’s children. These messages also came through the seals as ‘art’, ‘music’, ‘creative’ and ‘innovative ideas’. The first seal is what locked all other seals including the bottom ‘sexual’ seal. So the bottom seal is used by the beast to rape. The unlimited mind sent messages which would be accepted. These messages placed compassionate conditions upon our creative expression.

The demons an individual has guarding the first seal controls our thoughts which may create a rapist, a paedophile, someone with a healthy sex life or someone who is impotent. What is going on in the first seal (personal beliefs) determines what is expressed through all other seals including the last seal (sexuality). The first seal is the gate or opening and all other seals below the first create ‘multi-sensory’ experience. Experience is sensory perception. The last seal is where the flow of energy Prana goes to and when all seals are open it can also be a source of energetic flow.

The bottom seal is what creates the life of the offspring by passing on the baton of immortality. To remove the first seal we must undo all beliefs. If we remove our faith in all beliefs all the seals will be opened. When all the seals are open, sexual union is based upon ‘spiritual union’ manifested in how we ‘feel’. When the seals are open we are attracted to the vibration of the energy flowing through the one that we are attracted to. When we experience realisation we are not merely attracted to the appearance of someone else but to their unique vibration.

When our first seal is fully open our ‘divinity’ returns. Our divinity is the Love of God. This is an instant awakening of the whole mind and the realisation of compassion. Compassion is the ‘feeling’. Compassion is the feelings of others. With compassion we are only attracted to the frequency of those who are attracted to our frequency. The attraction is based upon matching vibrations and not based upon their appearance, religion, job, family or nationality. If the first seal is not fully open then there can be little or no ‘compassion’. The first seal is partially blocked by the beliefs of the mind of our identity.

The conditioned mind’s misunderstanding of compassion is based upon the dictionary definition. The distortion of the mind by beliefs is why people can be sexually attracted to men, women, children, animals and corpses. In this case the ‘demon’ within us can treat those ‘it’ is attracted to as its ‘prey’ and this is why so many men, women and children are raped. Mankind is imprisoned within their own minds by beliefs that are installed through education, which we worship as truth. Mankind have become slaves to a delusion. That delusion is what our beliefs define to be reality.

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