Incarceration of the Mind

The consciousness of each individual is trapped within a perspective. Each person is incarcerated within that perspective by the power of their own faith. What we individually perceive to be reality is a reflection of the specific beliefs that have obtained our faith. Perception is sustained by projecting beliefs to replace what is seen.  Perception distorts our understanding of experience.  The qualitative description of an experience is influenced by how we ‘feel’.  Unless sick, injured or attacked how we feel is determined exclusively by what we believe about our experience. What we believe is what ‘controls’ what we feel.

Our beliefs condition our mind. This conditioning has absolute control over us. The beliefs are like witnesses that tell us what we are experiencing. Who we believe we are is what others told us we were. We are! We exist! So why would we reject what others define us to be? A baby cannot reject this because without criteria a mind has no bias towards any proposed truth. This means that the mind of a new born child is fertile soil for any authority who wants to control the perceived reality of that child. Religion, politics and nationality are merely categories of existential models.

Where an individual is born will determine how their mind will be conditioned by family, society, religion and education. There are variations on the existential models enforced in many parts of the world. Existential models condition the minds of the inhabitants within their jurisdiction. When compared with existential models outside of their jurisdiction there may be conflicting beliefs which criticise or condemn the existential models in other jurisdictions. In truth the existential models are no better or no worse than each other. They all work by enslaving the mind.

The whole of what is perceived to be reality is merely a reflection of the beliefs our individual mind uses to define reality. Reality is a concept. Possibility is a concept. In religion, science and education reality is what is defined to be real. Possible is ‘incarcerated’ by the beliefs that define what is ‘impossible’. Reality is up to us and anything is possible. We create what we have been conditioned to believe is real. Our beliefs sustain the official version of reality. When sufficient numbers of us no longer believe in our current perception of reality universal perception will change.

There is a dormant creative power that exists in the collective imagination of mankind. This is the creative power of God. If we look at the creations that have come into existence since the day of our birth we see that authority cannot completely prevent creative expression. What we see in terms of technological growth is merely what is ‘allowed’ and ‘permitted’ by authority. There is a fear by authority of this dormant force. The creative force of God is unlimited. This is why each new born child’s mind is conditioned to believe in the official authorised version of reality.

The only way the official reality can be perceived is by understanding the official words that are used to define that reality. So we learn to project the official version of reality with the words placed within our mind by education, religion and family. An example of the words used to define what is seen are dog, cat, trees, good, bad, car, clothes, sun, moon and stars. We create those limited definitions when we believe in them. Reality is up for grabs and is created by the majority of minds that collectively hold it. The world is a testament to what our collective minds worship.

We project our power and divinity out to a God that is defined by religious authorities. The words are not what they represent. When a word is believed to be what it represents it replaces what is seen with what the word defines it to be. The words are what create and sustain reality. Our perception is the creative force of God incarcerated within the parameters of the word’s definition. The words put a spell on our children which creates a trance. Ask a child to ‘spell’ something and what you are really asking them is if the constraint the spell seeks to create has worked.

The answer ‘I don’t know’ is a sign that the child’s mind is still free. If the child correctly explains in which order the letters that install the code are assembled and can provide any supporting narrative to support this ‘understanding’ then the child’s mind is programmed. This means the child’s mind is programmed by what it believes. What is believed is that the word is what it represents. So the mind that creates reality is programmed by the belief that the word is what it represents.  Our collective minds are creating a reality according to the beliefs that define it. We can create anything.

Our mind creates reality! Our externally perceived reality is a reflection of our inner reality. We create our reality! So if we believe we can’t then we can’t. If we know we can then the whole world changes and our technological and creative evolution changes so that we can express what the term ‘miracle’ really means. What perception does is to replace what is seen with what the mind believes it is seeing. Why? Consciousness creates reality so the consciousness of the world’s population is being controlled by language created to officially define reality. The origin of the control is an external force. The method installs an internal force that controls from within.

The internal force is installed using beliefs that we are educated to put our omnipotent mind’s faith in. Our beliefs are our individual jailors. An extreme effect of a belief is a phobia. A phobia is no more or less powerful than any other belief. What is termed a phobia is the effect of our beliefs upon our body’s chemistry experienced as fearful thoughts and feelings. Regardless how comparatively empowering each belief is claimed to be all beliefs are a constraint upon our mind. A phobia creates a constraint that is so unusual that the majority of other people do not experience it. Religion, governments and industry use media, marketing and propaganda to target the minds of particular racial, social and religious groups with particular beliefs.

We are all Christ. We are what we have been waiting for. We were born, rejected and replaced with an identity. We are what the second coming refers to. We must show up if we are to be ‘born again’. The belief system is our script written by another. We are the actor playing the part written for us. Psalm 82.6-8: “I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High. But ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes. Arise, O God, judge the earth: for thou shalt inherit all nations.”

When this occurs is up to us.

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