We can’t think creativity into existence because our thoughts are prejudiced by our perception. An idea can stimulate creative thought. Our thoughts come. Our thoughts are not created exclusively by us. This is because when we believe what we have been educated to believe our thoughts are constrained by those limitations. What we have been educated to believe is what creates our belief system. If we have beliefs our thoughts will be prejudiced by those beliefs. Our beliefs create thoughts to vigilantly interpret our ideas to ensure they do no usurp the power of the beliefs.

Once we believe in something it has dominion over the thoughts we have when we are exposed to anything that reminds us of that belief. If we question our beliefs our existing beliefs can either evolve or be replaced by our creative imagination. Technological evolution is the result of mankind’s transcendence beyond the dominion of historical beliefs. If we are to transcend the limitations our beliefs have placed upon our creative imagination we must stop worshipping those beliefs as truth. The concept of ‘possible’ is sustained by the beliefs that are used to incarcerate it.

The limitations that now define what is possible also define or imply what is considered to be ‘impossible’. By comparing the creative expression over what is defined to be ‘history’ there has been technological evolution. So what changed? The beliefs! The beliefs that now prevail are creating and sustaining our current technological and existential paradigms. Contemporary beliefs will eventually be considered to be temporary limitations that historically hindered creative expression. Laws, politics, religions, science, capitalism and economics are limited paradigms.

Authority uses paradigms to manipulate and incarcerate perception. Paradigms create universal beliefs which sustain the paradigm. Those beliefs are collectively used to define truth. We may no longer criminalise poverty but we have not yet transcended the personal perspective that sees ‘me’ and ‘you’ as different. We are rewarded and punished depending on how we exist within the legal parameters that the rulers of the earth rely upon to justify playing the role of God on earth. If we play the game well we live well. If we are not perceived to play the game well, we may not live well.

If we break the rules we may be ‘punished’. What has not evolved is the mind of man. Man’s mind is still incarcerated by ‘universal beliefs’. Universal beliefs are used to ensure that universal perception is confined to the official ‘words’ that define reality. The beliefs within the mind have evolved but the mind that ruled ancient Rome is the same mind that rules the modern world. We are fooling ourselves if we think we have evolved our minds. This mind is perfect and therefore it cannot evolve. Our unique bodily freedom and access to wealth does not mean that we are free.

There is no freedom within a system that requires our mind and the minds of our children to be programmed. Our minds are programmed in order to confine what we perceive to be reality to the authorised definition. This constrains and incarcerates our unlimited mind within a false and temporary paradigm. This paradigm is what we call reality. What mankind perceives to be reality is sustained by the words that are used to define it. Those words are really beliefs. When we believe that the words within a dictionary are what they define our mind has been programmed, not educated.

So when we have been educated that a man is an enemy each time our eyes are exposed to what conforms to ‘enemy’ our mind replaces what is seen with what we believe is seen. When we have been educated to believe that creatures are horses, elephants and tigers our minds are programmed to confirm our allegiance to those words. Once we are programmed we never see what is there to be seen because we see what our minds have been programmed to confirm. As long as we confirm the authorised definition we cannot and will not create a ‘new reality’.

Personal, bodily, spiritual and technological evolution is only possible by transcending the limitations of our beliefs. Universal beliefs are trespassing within our minds to prevent our discovery of a greater truth. We are that truth!

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