All food is energy. All carnivores that kill creatures to eat the flesh of the body are doing so for energy. That energy is consumed by the body to run the machine that is the body. This kind of predator must hunt and kill its prey. If the prey can fight back the predator can be killed by its own prey. If the predator kills its prey the energy that can be obtained from the consumption of the body of that prey is limited to that one body. So the predator must go out and kill again. A parasite does not kill its pray.  A parasite lives on or within its prey to feed off the pray until their prey dies.

There are various kinds of predators in nature. There is the predator that kills its prey to eat its flesh. As the saying goes you can’t have your cake and eat it. There is the physical parasite that bites the body to eat its blood. This can allow the predator to continue to feed of its victim for a prolonged period of time. There is the physical parasite that enters the body to feed from within obtaining energy for the duration of the life of the body. There is another parasite one that lives within the minds of the whole of ‘mankind’. Satan is the spiritual parasite that lives off mankind.

A spiritual parasite feeds off the energy created within the mind and felt within the body. Satan is a spiritual parasite that uses demons to create energy changes within the body of his prey. These energetic changes increase the energy available for consumption during those periods of increased energetic vibration. These changes in vibration are detected as neurochemical changes. These neurochemical changes are felt within the body and described as what we ‘feel’. Each feeling is defined using an emotional term. What we call emotions are changes in our body’s neurochemistry.

In truth ‘emotions’, ‘feelings’ and ‘chemicals’ do not exist. What those terms are describing is the effect of changes of frequencies within the body. These frequencies are frequencies of ‘vibration’. Our body’s energetic vibration is responding to what the mind perceives. The terms ‘feelings’, ‘emotions’ and ‘chemicals’ are man’s attempt to describe what we generically define in psychological terms as ‘feelings’ and in biological terms as ‘neurochemistry’. What we define as feelings are different frequencies of vibration that are created within our body by our mind’s perception.

The body’s exposure to any stimulus is perceived through the five senses. The mind’s understanding and interpretation of that exposure is through the veil of ‘perception’. So how does the mind know what the body perceives? The effect of the senses is the frequency of vibration created within the body. This frequency changes when we eat, drink, talk, laugh, fall over and share life’s pains and pleasures. The frequency also changes when we are attacked or our mind sees something that may cause injury or pain. In emotional terms, the body feels vibrations caused by the mind’s perception. Perception causes changes to our vibration. These changes to our vibration create what is defined as pain and fear.  These responses ensure we are instantly aware of our body’s survival instinct. When our mind ‘perceives’ a threat we instantly ‘feel it’.

A long time ago one of us decided to replace what was seen with what we defined it to be. This not only judged what God created but replaced sight with perception. Perception replaces what is there to be seen with what it is ‘defined’ to be. From this moment forward that mind was blind and could only see what it perceived. An educated mind no longer knows what it sees because vision has been replaced by ‘perception’. Perception ensures the truth of the experience is replaced by a criteria that are the ‘words’ used by the educational authorities of the world to control mankind’s perception.

Our minds collectively create what we generically define to be reality. It was the greed and selfishness of some that ensured the collective mind of man was replaced by universal perception. Perception ensures that what the mind sees is edited by our belief that the official words are what they represent.  They are not! Perception defines what is ‘good’ and ‘bad’ according to our understanding of those concepts. In simple terms when we are exposed to what we have generically defined to be ‘bad’ we feel ‘bad’. When we are exposed to what we have generically defined to be ‘good’ we feel ‘good’.

The perception of the mind creates feelings that are harvested by a spiritual parasite that exists within the mind of man. This spiritual predator is referred to as Satan. Satan is in the minds of the rulers who are rewarded in their exploitation of others with titles, material gain and power. The global alliances seek to control the whole of mankind’s perception in order that our energetic frequencies can be manipulated. The objective of this manipulation is to changes our energetic frequency.

The main method of changing the body’s energetic frequency is by creating ‘fear’ within the mind. The medium for creating the frequency represented by the word fear is ‘perception manipulation’. Perception manipulation starts by installing beliefs to define reality. These beliefs exist as ‘words’. All minds think, dream, speak, read, write and understand through the medium of language because their minds are completely incarcerated within the parameters of their understanding of language. This is because each person that uses language believes that each word is what it represents.

The whole of mankind universally perceives the world in generic terms. We generically respond to our perception in ‘energetic terms’. Why? If authority controls what we believe it controls our perception. If you control the perception of the mind you control the energetic vibration. If the parasite that lives off the ‘energetic vibration’ can control that vibration it can fully exploit its prey. This is how our spiritual predator harvests our energy. The predator is what was once referred to as Satan. Satan realising that he was named by the prophets disguised himself as ‘us’.

Satan used the minds of the leaders of the church to take ownership of the child’s mind by ensuring the churches in all jurisdictions named each and every child. The name was Satan. Satan spoke to the child from within the mind of the mother until the child answered to the name that its mother gave it in obedience to her religion. In the moment the child answers to confirm that it is its given name Satan has taken possession of the child’s mind.  A child who says I am ‘John’ is a slave to John.  A child who says my given name is ‘Johan’ is separate from his name and therefore not his name.  The difference is fundamental.

Each child is the Lamb of God and the mother is the sheep. But the mother was replaced herself by Satan who travelled into her mind within the noise that was her given name. Her mind was conditioned until she responded to her given name and no other. The mind’s belief (faith) in the given name creates a lifelong allegiance to the Devil who from this moment forward controls the mind of the ‘believer’. This is what is one of the meanings of ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’.

KJV, 7:15, “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in ‘sheep’s clothing’, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.” From the moment the child’s mind is possessed by the ‘identity’ that is installed by religion or government a spiritual parasite begins to drain the life force until its prey grows sick, old and dies. To live on Satan must be passed from parent to child. Satan is what we now call the ‘identity’ that is the ego that enters each child’s mind within the ‘noise’ that is the given name, passed down as the identify from each parent to its own child. What is the energy we need to live? The energy is the life force that exists in all life. It goes by a number of names.

The life force is referred to using terms such as Prana, Qi, the Holy Spirit. This energy exists in everything. Satan is the ego that occupies the perspective of all creatures that have a mind that is controlled by their given identity. When Satan is no longer worshipped by us he will realise he is not us. This may feel like a nervous breakdown or psychosis. This is occurring within some individuals but until ‘we all awaken’ we will continue to exist in spiritual slavery. The body is made of pure energy but if it is drained it must be replenished or it will age, grow sick and die.

Satan replenishes the energy through the consumption of animal meat, eggs and fish. We replace energy naturally through fruit, nuts, vegetables and water. We as we were created do not need meat. Food is the fuel that is used by the body. The mind is manipulated by Satan using beliefs that induce energetic responses defined as fear. Satan uses fear to control us so that ‘it’ can live off this energy. Our beliefs prejudice our perception creating the specific energetic vibration that the spiritual parasite Satan lives off. KJV, Isiah, 65:25, “The wolf and the lamb shall feed together, and the lion shall eat straw like the bullock: and dust shall be the serpent’s meat. They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain, saith the Lord.”

So how will the Wolf (Satan) and the Lamb (God’s children) live together? We are both the innocent child and Satan and how our life feels is a testimony to the beliefs we worship as truth. The ‘beliefs’ we use to define what causes us to feel bad are what were once referred to as ‘demons’. Our demons (beliefs) vigilantly monitor our experience to replace what is seen with what our beliefs define it to be. What we hold to be the cause of what we feel requires our faith in that testimony. Any testimony based upon beliefs only has power over us whilst we believe. If we withdraw our faith in a belief it will cease to exist.

The ego perception that is Satan cannot exist without the ‘fruit’ of his demons. Our energy was the forbidden fruit. The fruit of the demons is the energetic frequency that responds to how our judgmental beliefs define our perception.

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