Within the cells of each one of us there is a multi-dimensional record of every one of our ancestors. Our cells have records up to the point of consummation. Our individual cells contain a record of all those who came before us. Within each one of us is the genetic inheritance passed down through the generations from all who came before us. We return to keep reproducing the body until one of us realises that we are the consciousness that created each one of us. If we realise before we put down our body we are saved and we save all those who came before us.

Our body is the ark that provides an abode for all those parents who came before us who live on in us, two-by-two. Our blood contains every moment in every day of the lives of all of our ancestors up to the point of consummation. Compassion provides an indirect vibrational link to everything regardless of our blood. Compassion is represented in many areas by many concepts including ‘quantum entanglement’. The loss of the body is not the loss of the life and the birth of our children is essential for our salvation. We are saved. As long as we exist those who came before us can experience resurrection.

All those who came before us live on in our blood as we will live on in our offspring’s blood. Each one who came before us came to experience the experience. Only experience could allow our body and mind to evolve in the mortal paradigm that we call reality. Those who came before us were martyrs who gave their life so that we might live. Each innocent child is the Christ child. For those who realise their own true identity the dead in them shall rise first. We didn’t just inherit our body and our blood.

Our blood contains a multi-dimensional record of all those who came before us. We are the legacy of our ancestors. Every second of every hour of every day all the way back to Adam and before is recorded in our blood. We are the custodian of our ancestors who live on in us. We agree to come here so that they can live on in us until the day of mankind’s salvation. On the day of judgement, the living and the dead will be reunited. We are Christ. The concept of quantum entanglement is describing the concept of compassion, which connects us all with Christ who lives on in us.

Compassion is to feel what others feel even when our bodies are separated. To deny our compassion is to deny what we are. When the original particles within Adam were separated the relationship between those separated particles in every divided an multiplied cell continued. When Christ was born this relationship with Adam continued. Every individual is connected with the whole of mankind all the way back to the beginning of creation. The distance between the separated particles does not dilute the communion between the Christ that now exists within each one of us.

When the separated mind of the Christ child was reunited with the whole mind of God he ‘remembered’ his true identity. We were all saved in the moment Christ realised, but our minds have free will. Free will means we can choose the illusion of separation or the truth of communion. We can hallucinate only until we realise that ‘in truth’ there is no separation merely separate parts of the whole. Separation is a ‘belief’ within the mind worshipped as truth. The believer is divine so when he believed what he was told he became enchanted by the testimony of another.

The omnipotent mind then created and recreated what was believed as if it was the absolute truth. What we define to be reality is a collective hallucination within the mind. Matthew 23: 23-24 KJV “For verily I say unto you, that whosoever shall say unto this mountain, be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith. Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.”

Our collective hallucination that creates what we perceive to be reality matches because authorities are controlling our mind’s perception of reality. It is only by ensuring that the creative power of our omnipotent minds is universally conditioned that we can be used by authority to create the world that is ‘governed’ and ‘ruled’ by authority. The conditioning of our minds is sustained by ‘language’. The language is used to ensure our minds only contemplate and therefore create and sustain what we perceive to be reality.

All inventions that enabled man to transcend the limitations of technology came from a mind that contemplated a potential reality that exceeded generically perceived reality. Reality exists within the limitations of a belief system. The parameters of what we create are sustained by the concept of ‘possible’ which was created so that man would worship the concept of ‘impossible’. Impossible is a ‘belief’. All beliefs are prayers. All beliefs that lack compassion are sins. We can only believe what we do not know. Worshipping a belief is to deny God by placing our consciousness within the walls of a conceptual prison that we currently call ‘reality’.

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