The Names of the Demons

The whole of the earth is controlled by one influence that penetrates the consciousness of all countries. This single influence is secreted within all the separate languages. Mankind is controlled by concepts that act as software that controls the mind. Our belief in concepts ensures our minds are programmed to worship them as truth.  Language has been contaminated with ‘concepts’ to control how the mind perceives what the words of each language define to be reality. Some of the concepts we use to define reality have been infiltrated by and represent demons.

Each demon exists simultaneously within many minds setting ‘neighbour’ against ‘neighbour’. There are millions of demons concealed within concepts. Some of the common ones that are used to programme minds to do ‘evil’ are religion, patriotism, truth, equality, justice, economics, science, capitalism, commerce, wealth, money, stress, fear, crime, martyr, terrorist, infidel, addiction, sexual fulfilment, collateral damage, casualties, security, peace-keeping, democracy, health, heroism, globalisation.

These are just some of the well-known ‘disguises’ worn by demons that disguise themselves as concepts in order to gain access into our minds. Concepts that justify evil are demonic. When the mind of just one gives allegiance to a belief their faith in that belief gives that belief power over their mind to control their thoughts and feelings.  If you wish a ‘believer’ to do evil then you simply manipulate their beliefs. Some demons have infiltrated religion in order to persuade some to kill by saying that ‘jihad’ is necessary to rid the world of ‘infidels’. The same demons infiltrate the mind of those who are attacked by jihadists.

So each side in the conflict relies upon their faith in concepts not realising they are doing the bidding of demons existing as the concepts that justify killing. The way to justify killing jihadists is to define the jihadist as ‘terrorists’. ‘Justify’ is a clever demon. The term ‘terrorist’ has been proposed as a ‘concept’ that labels those who kill in the name of religion. Man’s understanding of conceptually based truths is used to control the collective consciousness of mankind. Our faith in beliefs and concepts enables us to justify denying our compassion to do the bidding of the Devil. A demon’s persona is the concept that we use to ‘justify’ why we do what we do. Concepts are continually evolving to control each new generation.

These demons use concepts to remain undetected. The concept of ‘hypothesis’ was created to justify why we can identify others to be our enemy.  ‘Enemy’, ‘hypothesis’, ‘war’ and ‘justify’ are evil demons that possess the minds of many. These demons play both sides in all wars pointing the finger at the innocent child whose mind is trespassed against.  The demons that possess the mind of man cannot lose but their intended victims which are the children of God, can.  Our enemy is not without it is within.  Our ‘belief’ that we have an enemy is the enemy. It is an enemy of our peace of mind and the health and welfare of anyone who we define to be our enemies.

Who we define to be our enemy is never the cause of our rage, anger and violence. Concepts that occupy and control the mind are the only enemy of mankind. Concepts exist within all ‘educated minds’ and until we withdraw our faith in them they will continue to control us. When we take concepts as our personal truth we deny any proposed truth that is in conflict with those beliefs. What represents the word and concept ‘truth’ is not ‘true’. Truth is not religion.  Truth is a concept.  If there was a truth we are it. If we live with compassion then we are compassionate. If we do not then we are not.

Concepts were created to constrain reality within the conceptual definition’s collective jurisdiction. Concepts control how and what we ‘think’, ‘feel’, ‘communicate’ and ‘understand’.  What are concepts?  Concepts are language! ‘We’ are! We are not a ‘me’. ‘Me’ is separation and this is how mankind has been separated and domesticated by the authority that controls the jurisdiction into which we are each born.  Our religion is not related to our individual faith in God. We are not Islamic simply because we are born into a jurisdiction that is Islamic.

We are not Jewish simply because we are born into a jurisdiction that is Jewish. To know this without understanding it is of no value. To know this and to understand this is of some value. Knowing and understanding this will not free mankind from the incarceration of the ‘conditioned mind’. The only thing that can release man from this mortal incarceration is the ‘full realisation’ of our mind ‘whole’ as we were created. We cannot realise the truth of our whole mind whilst we are trapped within the perspectives of separate religious, cultural and national ‘identities’.

The concept of religion ensures that we look outside of our self for ‘truth’. Without incarceration within a religious perspective our mind is what is represented by the word ‘truth’. We exist inside a ‘perceived’ self that is limited by the beliefs it worships as truth. We can each play any of an unlimited variety of characters. Our individual identity is not a good or bad caricature. All those born into the jurisdictions that sustain collective perception are limited only by the beliefs their individual mind worships as truth.  Our beliefs are a language that is installed through education and religious conditioning.

The only question worth asking is how we can realise and fully awaken from the control and influence of the concepts that control our minds.  This is a question to God. We are trapped within a perspective located within a part of our own mind. Our jailor is our own beliefs. When we awaken miracles will begin to happen for us. We are frightened of taking responsibility for being both our own creator and our own creation. Religion tells us that we are God. KJV, Psalm 82.5, “I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.”

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