Unlimited creativity

We are unlimited. When we realise that we are unlimited we will not allow a single belief to take up residence within our mind that would limit our freedom of expression. An author will write down what they are guided to write down. A composer will play what they are guided to play. A painter will paint what they are guided to paint. When our feelings are our counsel we just know ‘we can’. As individuals we each have the power to fully express, diminish or restrict our creative potential.

If we worship beliefs in the context of superstition then we might decide that we must wear an item of clothing before permitting our self to experience our own creative expression. When we worship superstitious beliefs those beliefs effectively enforce psychological constraints that we have placed upon our self. Superstition is a belief which says I succeeded because of what I thought or did so I must repeat what I thought or did if I want to repeat my success. Our creative flow comes through us and we only need to recognise this gift and accept it if we wish to experience it.

To define our experience is to create a hypothesis which is what we ‘believe’. To believe is not to know but to make our preferred truth our truth. Our belief’s testimony replaces and takes credit for why we achieved what we achieved. When we define our experience our judgement replaces the experience with our perception of it. If we are open and know that ‘we can’ then we can just express our unlimited creative inspiration. Within us all exist unlimited creative resources. These resources exist as archetypal supermen and women. They exist within us as unlimited resources.

Our imagination stretches out far beyond our beliefs. Our imagination consists of the strongest, most intelligent, most creative, most industrious, most stupid, most violent and most uncaring archetypes that we can ‘imagine’. The gift our imagination brings always serves us. These gifts are ideas that serve us completely. So if we choose to worship beliefs our ideas will not challenge our beliefs. If our imagination serves us and if we have chosen to worship beliefs then our imagination must serve our beliefs. We have chosen to worship our beliefs as ‘truth’.

If our creative expression is limited or generic then we are worshipping beliefs that are limited or generic. The only way we can prevent or limit the gifts we receive from our imagination is to worship a belief in limitation. The gifts of our imagination are our ideas. When we believe something we enter into an exclusive spiritual contract that our imagination cannot intrude upon. So if we believe we cannot do something then we will not have an idea which is in contrast to this until we question that belief. Our ideas are therefore unlimited but they will not exceed the dominion of the beliefs we have put our faith in.

What we perceive to be a lack of imagination is merely the limits our beliefs have placed upon our imagination. A belief pledges our unlimited mind’s allegiance to serve that belief. A belief that ‘I am not smart’ can only exist within my mind for as long as I believe it is true. To sustain the belief’s existence within my mind my thoughts and behaviour will be conditioned to ensure that my creative expression is limited by my beliefs. The moment a belief is created within our mind our imagination is incarcerated to exist within the limitations of that belief.

If we choose to worship conflicting beliefs we are entering into contracts with conflicting archetypes. The beliefs call upon omnipotent forces that cannot die but can destroy the peace of mind and health of the body of the believer. We are the believers. Conflicting beliefs create conflicting thoughts and feelings each competing to serve the believer. Conflicting beliefs can create conflicting thoughts and feelings regarding the same experience. Imagine if one of our beliefs defined one of our lover’s behaviours to be acceptable and another belief defined it to be unacceptable.

In this case we may perceive a strain on our relationship and can over time fall out of love. Love is forever and we cannot fall into or out of it. We can even begin to experience feelings that we define as hate towards our lover. When we have beliefs it is our beliefs that we love more than anyone or anything. This is because what we ‘believe’ about others is defined by the beliefs we hold about them. Each belief is a contract that is formed in the moment we define what we are experiencing. The beliefs recruit appropriate spiritual archetypes from angelic or demonic realms.

The Angelic and Demonic realms exist within our unlimited minds. Our thoughts, feelings and behaviour reveal which spiritual realms we are worshipping. Angels are expressed as love, happiness, understanding and joy. Demons are expressed through fear, violence, cruelty and anger. There is no limit to what we can feel. If I believe that another person is bad in order to feel bad when I’m around them I need my archetypes. My archetypes cause me to feel enmity towards another. Our beliefs are the job descriptions that the mind uses to recruit the appropriate spiritual archetypes.

If we are forgiving, understanding, creative and happy it is because our mind is controlled by those thoughts and behaviours. If we are cruel, violent, angry and judgemental it is because our mind is controlled by those thoughts and behaviours. The thoughts and behaviour must serve the beliefs that we worship as truth. So if we judge our experiences then our mind’s thoughts and our body’s feelings and behaviours become a hostage to that judgement. This is why it was said, ‘Judge that you be not judged.’

For example, if I believe I can achieve great things, it is these creative archetypes that will work through me. My beliefs will recruit archetypes to provide ideas, skills and feelings to ensure my experience serves my beliefs. The skills we exhibit are perceived by others as our creative expression. So if we are unlimited how is it possible for us to experience limitation? Unless slaves or physically incarcerated it is not possible for us to live in limitation! We chose to believe we were limited and this creates a contract that recruits limited archetypes that serve us faithfully.

We should be grateful if we have what we perceive to be a miserable life. We should be grateful for our miserable life because this is what we chose. Our miserable life is the answer to our prayers that exist in the form of the belief ‘I cannot’. We did our bit by believing we couldn’t and our experience is proof of how much creative power we have. For those who are wondering how many archetypes they may have they can work it out. The type and number of archetypal spirits that exist within each one of us is unique but they are equal to the number of beliefs that we worship as truth.

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