The Myth of Enlightenment

In truth there is no such thing as a ‘spiritual enlightenment’. There is just an ‘awakening’. In any single moment any one of us can realise the whole mind within which the conditioned mind of the identity exists. When this happens we realise that what we held accountable for what we felt was never responsible. With an awakening we realise that it was only what we believed about our perceived reality that controlled what we thought and felt. In the moment we fully realise this our whole mind and natural feelings are restored. The whole world is now realising this.

Truth has no content. The truth is what we feel when we do not have a single belief to ‘judge’ or ‘define’ what is. There is no reality which means nothing is unreal. Concepts are the parameters used by authority to limit how we perceive ‘what is’ in order to ensure that we do not replace it with ‘what is not’. Authority controls ‘what is’ by implying ‘what is not’ believed does not exist. What we perceive to be our technological and biological evolution demonstrates that we are unlimited. Without judgement we cannot discern or distinguish a ‘threat’ from a perceived ‘opportunity’.

When the mind can no longer perceive ‘threats’ peace is restored to that mind. Our natural mind has no fear, unhappiness, depression, anxiety, or anger. These are words that define different types of chemical responses that respond to perception. Our perception is prejudiced and controlled by our beliefs. Perceived reality is constrained within our minds by the authorised definitions and universal concepts contained within the words of the dictionary. Education is used to condition the minds of our children to ensure their minds are controlled and programmed.

The code that controls our children’s thoughts and feelings is embedded in the words that represent the dictionary’s definition. Words attempt to replace the mind’s innate wisdom with the word’s definition. Education uses beliefs disguised as knowledge to programme perception which when believed has the power to control what we think and feel. When we stop worshipping and responding to our beliefs ‘we’ are restored to the whole unlimited mind that we are each born with. It is impossible to explain the feelings we experience when we live a life without judgement.

Words are used to give labels to what does not exist. These false truths exist as concepts. Education has sought to give life to concepts in the form of contextual truth. Once our mind believes in ‘concepts’ and ‘contexts’ those concepts control what we think and feel. Concepts have been used by authority to control the minds of all those who can understand them. Unless we are sick or injured any feeling that is not ‘peace’, ‘joy’ or ‘happiness’ is the effect of our ‘beliefs’. The truth is that we can only believe what we do not know.

When we know, we have no need of beliefs, because ‘we know’. Until we realise truth we will continue to worship our beliefs as if they are true. Our beliefs control our thoughts and feelings. Our beliefs programme our mind to make us feel ‘unhappy’, ‘fearful’ or ‘anxious’ by automatically creating those thoughts and feelings as conditioned responses. If we have a belief that condemns something no conscious effort or decision is required to generate specific thoughts and feelings when exposed to what we judged. Our thoughts and feelings are incarcerated by our own judgement.

We gave control over our thoughts and feelings to our beliefs. Our beliefs bear false witness. Conceptual truth has become the God of man. Conceptual truth is worshipped more faithfully than the God referred to in religious texts. All believers are incarcerated by their own beliefs. When our thoughts and feelings are controlled by our beliefs the truth of us is exiled from our own life. If what we believe or do not believe determines what we think, feel and how we behave we are slaves to those beliefs. We cannot do what we ‘believe’ we cannot do without ‘fear’ or ‘anxiety’.

This spiritual incarceration can only exist for as long as it takes us to realise that we are the ‘believer’ not the ‘belief’. Without our faith in the ‘belief’ it has no power over what we ‘think’ and ‘feel’. It is only when we transcend the limits of our beliefs that others may perceive us to be spiritually enlightened. There is an awakening but it is not ‘spiritual’. We are what we look for in religion, relationships, therapy and addiction. We only get temporary access to our self in our addiction to alcohol, sex, meditation, religion, drugs and therapy.

When we realise that what we believe about our self, including the belief in ‘who’ and ‘what’ we are, is not true our awakening is assured. All perception is the projection of meaning. This meaning creates a hallucination sustained by our belief’s definition of what is seen. In our ‘mind’ our perception replaces ‘what is’ experienced in truth with our perception’s version of it. Our understanding is limited to our belief’s testimony. As long as we ‘believe’ we bear false witness. To wake up we must each realise that our beliefs are not our truth.

Beliefs can only exist within our mind for as long as we believe ‘in them’. Beliefs have taken the place of truth. We can only feel ‘unhappy’ if our thoughts and feelings are prejudiced. Forgiveness undoes the prejudices of our beliefs regardless of the justification that created them. Every belief that controls what a believer thinks and feels exists within the context of the jurisdiction of the belief. The belief in ‘spiritual awakening’ and ‘spiritual enlightenment’ is prevalent in the minds of those who ‘believe’ they are enlightened. You are either awake or you are not.

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