There is only one ego. The ego exists in each one of us. It is the mind of our identity. So when one ego steals from us or murders one of us we may get angry and want to hurt or kill them. The part of us that wants vengeance or revenge is the same ego that justified the theft in the mind the one who stole from us. If we attack, injure or kill those who have ‘trespassed’ against us we allow the ego that is within them and controlled them to indirectly control us. Without forgiveness we become victims of our own judgement serving the ego that was once called Satan. So we have a dilemma.

If we just stand by and let others steal from us, attack us, rape us, injure us and murder us then we are constantly vulnerable to the ego’s attack. What can make one attack, rape or kill another? We can only do those things if we are denying our own compassion. What is compassion? Compassion is to feel the feelings of others. Compassion is not empathy. If I attack another compassion means that I feel what my victim feels because my victim’s feelings are my feelings. When a rapist discovers his compassion his arousal is diluted by his victim’s fear and his feelings change.

If we are not controlled by greed, desire or anger we cannot steal, attack or rape. To remove all suffering we must return to compassion. To return to compassion we must return to the truth of what we are. ‘In truth’ there is no ‘me’ there is only ‘we’. The single mind of humanity has been divided by encouraging or forcing individuals to have faith in concepts that are promoted by authorities in order to control our minds. The division of mankind is sustained by dividing the mind of each innocent child. The division of the mind is created by ensuring the child believes in their given identity.

Once the child has been separated from its divinity it loses touch with its own innate wisdom and begins to worship and rely upon a number of fixed beliefs. Fixed beliefs sustain a fixed perspective which is what each individual identity is. Soon all beliefs which deny compassion will be removed from the mind of each innocent child. This will mark a stage in man’s evolution. When we transcend the limitation of beliefs our mind is no longer constrained by them. No religion or government has the power to stop evolution.

Governments and religions are trying to prevent realisation beyond the dominion of the words that create the beliefs that define reality. To transcend the constraints of the ego mind we merely stop worshipping all beliefs. The ego mind is the sum total of the cumulative beliefs that control the mind of each believer. When we surrender our judgement the ego is no more. When one awakens, all awaken. When we transcend the limitations of all beliefs we experience what is defined as psychosis but this is a temporary stage that is necessary for the salvation of the mind from its own tormentors.

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