Beliefs Create Perception

Perception creates reality. Beliefs control and edit perception. Perception is not vision. Perception is the projection of generic beliefs that education installs to pre-define the reality we create. The collective mind of mankind is creating what we generically define to be reality. This is not a metaphor, a philosophy or a secret, it is a fact. Beliefs are installed to control our power. This is done to ensure we create a pre-ordained reality. Reality was originally pre-defined by religion and later by science.

The official version of reality is installed into our children’s minds through education. The objective of education is to ensure that the collective perception of mankind sustains a universal paradigm that we ‘believe’ God created. We create reality with the power of God. A mind is constrained by installing a language. Once language is installed the mind’s ability to communicate and understand is incarcerated within the limitations of the words of that language. Why? Language defines everything with a generic definition existing in the form of a ‘word’. Language creates a systemic thought system that ensures that the mind only sees and creates what it perceives.

What the mind perceives is what the mind believes it is ‘seeing’. What the mind believes it is seeing is the generic ‘word’ created to ensure that only the official word defines and therefore creates and sustains the authorised reality. Education programmes the mind of each child to ensure that each child perceives and therefore continues to create the authorised version of reality. The authorised version of reality is what is defined by the ‘words’ contained within the dictionary. The mind must first believe that each word is what it represents before it creates that false reality. Each word incarcerates reality within the parameters of the contextual paradigm defined by the word. Words that incarcerate reality are blasphemy.

It is blasphemy to constrain a world without limitation within the dominion of words. This is done by assembling separate words to create beliefs disguised as hypotheses. When believed the hypotheses that collectively claim to define reality replace our creative power by installing a programme within our minds. When we believe that the words in a dictionary are what they represent our perception is controlled by those beliefs. If our perception is what creates reality and our beliefs are controlling our perception then our beliefs are indirectly creating the world we live in. We are each responsible for the world in which we live. We are not powerless victims. We are powerful creators.

The cause of our individual unhappiness is what we believe not what we perceive. Perception is sustained by beliefs. If we change our beliefs we change our perception. If we change our collective perception we change reality. It is uniformed perception that is sustaining the world in which we now exist. Why educate? We are educated to ensure our minds can only perceive and therefore create the ‘official’ version of reality. If the powers of the world with the biggest population can control the perception of those within their jurisdiction then they can use that collective power to create and control reality within that jurisdiction. Authority controls reality by educating the minds of all children born within their jurisdiction.

Education is exclusively used to condition and therefore control the mind. This is to replace the natural mind with a conditioned mind that is programmed. The code that programmes our minds is contained within what we have defined as language. The code is embedded within the words that represent language. In folk tales and fairy tales the book of spells is a metaphor for the dictionary. We are entranced and spellbound by the hypnosis of words. Once believed words have absolute control over our ability to think, dream, understand and communicate. We must believe that each word is what it represents before those words are given control over our mind. Perception creates reality.

What we perceive is what we believe. We can only believe what we do not know! Beliefs control vision to create and incarcerate what we perceive to be reality. The world is incarcerated within a metaphorical computer code. That code is the source of all language. That code controls the collective mind of man to ensure he only perceives the authorised version of reality. The author of our script is not us. The author is ‘authority’. The creative power of God is the mind of God. God creates in response to what the mind sees and the body feels. Perception tricks the mind to think that perception is ‘vision’. What the mind believes is a generic programme comprised of words installed into our minds through the mediums of religion, education, media, propaganda and legislation.

If God’s power is expressed through the collective perception of mankind then anyone who can control what we believe can harness the most powerful force on earth. Our mind is the most powerful force on earth. The mind of each believer is the hostage of his own beliefs. We are the hostages held and the ransom is what our beliefs perceive. Until we are free God creates what we perceive. When we are no longer controlled by beliefs our perception collapses and our ‘imagination’ is liberated from its incarceration. If perception creates reality and we can change our perception we can restore Eden. Beliefs sustain perception. Beliefs are used by authority to replace each one of us. God creates what we perceive. Our perception reflects our beliefs. Our perception creates reality. Mathew 18:19 “If two of you agree here on earth concerning anything you ask, my Father in heaven will do it for you”.

Those who control the perception of all control the reality we create. It is the beliefs we worship that confine the perception of our minds to what we believe. The script of our lives is written by religions and government legislation. So what we experience as reality is each one of us projecting what we have been educated to believe. With the power of God our perception is creating reality. Our perception is being influenced by advertising, media, religions and government propaganda. Why? Because if we realise that our perception of reality is creating reality then we may realise that we can change reality if we change our perception. If we want a different life we can just create it. The world is a wonderful or horrific as we perceive.

The choice is ours. We can live in the Garden of Eden or the embers of war and destruction. Knowledge seeks to tell us what is and what is not. Why? Because our imagination is constrained by what we believe is ‘real’ and what we believe is ‘possible’. Some who believe that it is not possible for us to change our reality pray for a miracle. What is a miracle? A miracle is something we believe is impossible. If one mind has been educated to understand the word ‘impossible’ then that programming ensures that mind cannot perceive what is not possible. We are what the word miracle misrepresents. The history of technological evolution shows that what was impossible in one historical paradigm was possible in another. We ‘the people’ create reality. Education tells us that the source of reality is wholly external. We did evolve.

We evolved our reality with our growing understanding of it. Our understanding was prejudiced by our perception which worshipped what we believed. We are created and sustained by God who gave us ideas in response to thoughts so we could evolve what we incorrectly define to be an external world. We are the consciousness that has the power to manipulate the particle and the wave. We have not realised that we are the ‘one mind’ that creates all. We cannot be destroyed. Some of us decided they would like to control all of us. If you can control and incarcerate the consciousness of mankind you control the collective perception that creates reality. This is done by claiming ownership of the mind of every new born child. The mind must be conditioned to believe in the reality defined by authority before that reality can be perceived within that mind.

Beliefs create perception. Mathew 7.7-8 “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.” Ask God about the truth of any belief you have. You can only believe what you do not know. Beliefs control perception and perception creates reality. We are powerful creators given free will by God.

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