Rejection of Truth

If we are terrified of the whole wide world we are dead already. Many people die long before their heart stops beating but remain a prisoner within the body. If we reject our given ‘identity’ we are rejected by the world and everyone in it. When we accept the false self we reject the ‘real world’. The innocent child realises that the ‘false world’ is demonic. The child fears that it will be devoured if the world knows the child’s true identity. The child fears that if it is not good enough it will be attacked, rejected, tortured and killed. Where truth exists beliefs cannot.

The innocent child that we are is what we have each lost. We look for our truth in what we pursue. What we look for is love. Happiness is the expression of the Love of God. What is within each one of us is the Love of God. To be accepted a child must accept a conditioned mind that replaces the child’s true identity. This mind of the false identity lives in a paradigm called ‘fear’. The mortal child lives ‘in fear’ in order to protect the soul that is the child’s saviour. The child is Christ. Christ waits for mankind to realise that the child is the saviour of mankind.

Whatever can be taken from us is not ours. Whatever can be stolen from us is not ours. Whatever can cause others to kill us is not true. Whatever can cause others to judge us is not true. Why do we value things? We value them because there is ‘not enough love’ in the world. We rejected love. So we filled our empty world with things. We think that things will fill our emptiness. Our life is only empty because we are not in it. We are not in our life when we worship beliefs as truth. To worship my beliefs is to reject me. We are hiding from our divinity, living in exile.

We run from what we perceive to be an evil, uncaring and selfish world of vanity. We live in a world that takes pleasure from the pain of another. We live in a world that takes gratification from the suffering of others. We live in a world where selfishness is rewarded and generosity is seen as a charitable act. Charity cannot heal us of the sickness within our mind. Charity does not involve giving money to organisations that ‘do not need’ the money that they ask for. Charity is to help others realise the truth of their own self in any way we can.

The only thing the poor, hungry and weak need to realise is who they are. They are the ‘children of God’ and need and want for nothing. As a predator eats pray we are being eaten up by fear. We have been mesmerised to believe in a perceived reality within which we have incarcerated ourselves. We are trapped within perceived limitations which we worship as the absolute truth. Those limitations are not true. We use fear to punish the child with its own feelings. We can’t fight fire with fire because this will destroy.

We must remove the source of the fuel that is feeding the fire. The fire is fear and pain. The fuel is beliefs. All fear is the self attacking the self. Beliefs use painful feelings to force us to kill and destroy our perceived self and others. When we fight for what ‘we believe in’ we reject God and we reject forgiveness. Without forgiveness there can be no ‘salvation’.

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