Original Sin

We are not in our life. We have not given up but we have no real desire. If we lose our fear we will realise that without fear there is nothing of us in what we are now doing. We have been running on fear. Fear of a life that is worse than the one we have. We fear a perceived or implied alternative life. We actually worship and preach fear encapsulated within our beliefs. We sustain our own incarceration by worshipping beliefs which imply a worse fate awaits us. The poor, sick and hungry are the alternative realities that education and economics ensure we understand.

Without first believing in the mathematical formula could we have developed the ability to add or to subtract? We have created a metaphorical maze to achieve what we perceive to be success, happiness and glory. We have made life difficult. Those who are smart enough can move on to the next relative level. We learn what we must do and what we must not do. In an environment that we do not control we must learn how to be accepted. If we are accepted then we are not rejected. To be accepted by society we must learn the ways of society.

It is by learning the ways of others that we find out what controls them. If we can control what controls others then we can control them. What controls whole societies is the beliefs they worship as truth. The criterion for whether a proposed truth is accepted within the mind is whether or not it is ‘believed’. There are a number of ways in which people can be controlled. One way is to educate each child to believe in the authorised version of reality. Words are filters upon the child’s senses that sustain perception by labelling everything that is perceived to be real.

Once the child believes a ‘word’ is what they are ‘seeing’ or ‘experiencing’ the word’s definition of their experience replaces it. Our mind is remotely controlled by beliefs installed by authority to define what those beliefs define. An educated mind is not aware of the truth of an experience. Our mind is only aware of our perception. Once a belief is accepted as truth it replaces truth within the mind of that believer. If we persuade others to believe that a person or object is a ‘threat’ to their peace of mind then they cannot accept that ‘person’ or ‘thing’ and have peace of mind.

What we believe about our self is not true. It is not possible to define the self because any self we can perceive cannot be us the perceiver. What we believe about our self has become more powerful in our mind than truth. Acting, lying, entertainment, vanity and sport provide evidence that what we believe is more important than truth. We fantasise because we have not realised that we are judging ‘us’ and our ‘experience’. Beliefs are a sickness which will one day be seen as a step in evolution. Just like those before us who developed beliefs. Beliefs allowed us to learn without experience.

Our beliefs have become more powerful than truth. This is simply because ‘it is us’ who believe them. Whatever we believe about our self ‘we become’. The truth is and it has no effect upon us or what we feel. If our mind forms a relationship with anything it can have an effect upon what we think or feel. What we think and feel will determine how we behave. The way we behave when we feel fear is different to the way we behave when we feel joy. If we are joyful and loving we cannot kill. In order to get others to do what we want we must control what they think and feel.

If we tell others what will happen if they don’t do what we say, they may not believe us. If we say that we must attack an enemy before they attack us, others may not believe us. Others may not believe us because our words are just words. Words without feelings have no power over the mind. So if we bomb a village or attack people this will remind them of the threat we talked about. When our threats become a reality, people will believe us which gives us enormous power over them. Sometimes fear has to be enforced.

Fear is enforced by a belief that says if we do not worship the fear the thing feared will destroy us. Beliefs were originally enforced by pain which established ‘fear’. In order to avoid what we fear we must remember. Our beliefs ensure we remember. If what we fear does not happen we will stop worshipping the belief that we must fear. One day we realised truth. The truth was that we are controlled by fear. When fear is gone the life we experienced under the dominion of fear will collapse. When this happens there will be a period of time when we have no energy, ambition or goals.

When fear is gone we do not fear anything. When fear is gone something else begins to take its place. What takes the place of our fear is the truth of ‘us’. Whilst we worship a single belief there is no way out. In truth reality is not what we perceive but what we feel. It is for us to realise that without beliefs to judge experience we are beyond happy. We are not unhappy. Unhappiness is a concept used to define what we termed feelings. What is defined as feelings are more accurately described as ‘chemical responses’. Our feelings are chemical responses that respond to how we judge our experience.

When we encounter what we have judged to be ‘boring’, ‘bad’, ‘immoral’ ‘interesting’, ‘appalling’, ‘unacceptable’ our body’s chemistry reminds us of this judgement by creating what are generically defined to be feelings. Our feelings are the penance of our own judgement. So we continue to feel the feelings we chose to feel when we are exposed to what we condemned with our own judgement. Our judgement ensures that even if we have forgotten what we chose to believe about what we judged our feelings respond to those sins. Belief is the word that replaced the word ‘sin’.

Our judgement is our sin existing in the form of belief. Our feelings respond to what we have judged in order to remind us and protect us from what we chose to fear. Fear is not confined to the contextual definition held within a dictionary. Fear is the effect of a belief upon the believer experienced as a ‘feeling’. What is represented by the word feeling is simply our body chemically responding to our mind’s judgement. Our beliefs use our feelings to hold our experience guilty for a crime it never committed. We do this, not because we know, but because we believe we know. This is why we are innocent.

We are innocent because we can only believe what we do not know. It was once said, ‘Father forgive them for they know not what they do’. When someone tells us what reality is and we believe them we are sinned against. We are God’s perspective on our experience. It is our senses given to us by God that informs the mind of God. ‘In truth’ our feelings respond to our sensual perception. We sensually perceive through our eyes, ears, nose, taste and touch. When we chose to believe what another had told us ‘their belief’ replaced the truth of our experience taking control of what we felt.

The ‘original sin’ was committed against ‘us’ not by us. Once believed a belief controls what we think and feel. When we originally chose to believe God was not angry but God could no longer rely upon a testimony that used perception prejudiced by beliefs to usurp the uncontaminated sensory perception given to each of us by God. The beliefs created by the authorities of the earth deprived man of his connection with God. This was because man’s perception was prejudiced by his beliefs. Perception is bearing false witness. This is why beliefs are sins. The ego mind is the cumulative beliefs. Satan is the ego perspective that controls the mind of man with beliefs which were once called ‘demons’.

The exorcism was an effort to remove demons from the mind. The beliefs were once called demons. This is why the ‘original sin’ is original. Sin is belief. Our beliefs took the place of God in our mind. Our intolerance shows us how easy it is for this false God to get us to lose our temper. Our anger is serving a demon. When we chose to believe we became an educated fool. What else would we call someone who distorts the wonderful opportunity given to them by God in favour of a demonic realm? We have turned heaven into hell but hold others responsible for our own sin against God.

Our sin against god was to ensure our children could not live in peace unless they worshipped sin. We created beliefs and concepts in order to educate our children to make what was not true, truth within their mind. Many still worship a belief that we must go to war to kill. Violent conflict is sustained by conflicting concepts that are worshipped in different geographical locations. If God’s children can be persuaded to worship demons disguised as conceptual truths they will fight for those concepts. Each one of our enemy that we kill is a sacrifice of an innocent child to the demons that possess our mind.

Demons are the spiritual parasites existing as beliefs and concepts. Some of those beliefs are concealed within ‘moral concepts’. It is those moral concepts that religious and political institutions rely upon to persuade us to kill each other. The original sin was to take the word of another as our own truth and deny our own feelings. God’s fruit is any fruit that we desire. The forbidden fruit is choice that is not based upon what we feel but what we believe. We denied our feelings to choose. Our choice was based upon what we believed. Our beliefs prejudiced our perception of our experience.

It was the original belief because it was the first mind to have evolved to hold a belief. The first is referred to as Adam. Adam’s mind was the first to be able to retain information without experience. It was the original sin.  The original sin is the original belief. Adam believed what he was told based upon the testimony of another and his faith in those words created the first belief within the mind of one of God’s children. From this moment forward man worshipped his beliefs rather than the instincts given him by God. The ‘tree of knowledge’ is forbidden because knowledge is not what we know. Knowledge is what we believe we know based upon the testimony of another.

It was Eve’s testimony that trespassed within Adam’s mind creating the first belief. When believed the first belief took control over the believer’s thoughts and behaviour. This was a step in the evolution of our mind. Evolution is an awakening in one experienced by all. The world created by man is the forbidden fruit that our beliefs have created in many contexts. The continual transcendence of historical beliefs shows us that our beliefs were not God’s truth but merely temporary limitations that trespassed within the unlimited mind of man. Beliefs are man-made limitations. The world we live in provides us with evidence of the limitations and conflicts created by our beliefs.

This is why we will all eventually realise and surrender to God.

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