Imagination Creates Reality

The dictionary is a constraint that ensures our mind perceives and therefore creates our perceived reality. The words that define everything that exists in reality are created to sustain that perceived reality. Everything that is represented by a word in the dictionary is an attempt to not only define reality but to constrain it. We create reality with our imagination. So, if our mind’s imagination can be controlled, our creative expression can be controlled. Education ensures the majority of the separate perspectives of the one mind collectively create the authorised version of reality.

Perceived reality is the result of mass mind control within a number of conceptual paradigms. Perceived reality is reflecting an inner reality. The inner reality is creating what we perceive to be our outer reality. If the majority can transcend the limitations of the ‘words’ that define reality then we can collectively create a new reality. What this means is that we do not need to protest or attack or complain. We just replace our perceived reality with what our imagination would have it be. Whatever the separate perspectives of the one collective mind agree on will become our experience.

This is already happening. It is because we are educated to define reality according to the dictionary definition that we continue to sustain that perceived reality. We continue to do this even when it causes suffering, disease, war and genocide. The manipulation of the collective consciousness is already happening. In most parts of the world the general population watch and listen to the news and government officials. We are influenced by entertainers who are paid to influence our buying decisions. These influences affect our thoughts, feelings and imagination.

All inventions were created in the imagination first. All limitations within the mind are held there by language. The mind of the identity is the operating system used to control us and the software is our beliefs which embed commands. The complete code that controls the hard drive of our mind exists within the dictionary. Get to know the dictionary from beginning to end and it will only touch the surface of our own inner reality. The dictionary represents the limits of what can be perceived from the perspective of the ‘identity’. Imagination is not constrained by our identity’s mind.

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